WINNERS of the KY Intimacy Experiment Giveaway!

(Psst...If you don't want to read all of my babbling and need to know who won NOW, the winners are posted at the bottom, under the little snail picture!)

HO-LY COW, you guys! I can't believe how many entries there were to this giveaway. All told, there were 700 when you include the extra entries.

With that many entries, I hate only having two prizes to give out. The good news? You can do this on your own, without the box of goodies. The booklet that I used can be downloaded in .pdf form from KY's Facebook Page, Couples Place. In fact, here's the direct link to the .pdf (not sure if it'll work - you might need to like them first?) That Facebook page also has a Contest section (nothing going on right now, but the prizes are amazing so keep checking back), Special Offers (right now you can get $5 off either a printable or to use online - and free shipping!), and Intimate Insights Articles (including quizzes, advice, and special occasions ideas!)

I cannot tell you how much fun I had doing this. Hubby and I are actually back to enjoying our relationship - looking forward to seeing each other, talking about any number of things, and making more time for our marriage (the parenting thing always comes first, but now we know that it's not our only 'thing'!) Oh, and I loved some of your responses. Once I get back in the groove of writing about more than sex, I want to re-open the comments and reply to some of you. Oh, and did I mention that I think I've finally found my writing "voice" while doing all of these posts? About time! If you go back and read some of my posts, you'd think a schizophrenic was writing this blog. 

So, here's how I chose the winners. First, I got out a piece of paper and a pen (yeah, I'm bold enough to do math with a pen - not pencil!) Then I took about 10 minutes trying to locate the built-in calculator in my Windows programs, probably would have been faster to Google "online calculator", right? With these amazingly technologically advanced tools, O proceeded to add up all of the entries. I added the entries from Day 1 to the original entries, then tagged on the Day 2 entries, so on and so on... You can check out my amazing computing skills in the scan below:

Tech-savvy way of doing it!
Then, I added the numbers to the little widget at the bottom of the page and hit the little button twice. Voila! Here are the two winning numbers:

#239 -

Dionna @ Code Name: Mama said... 239 Reply to comment

#4 I follow you on Twitter!
#540 -

Martha said... 9 Reply to comment

talking about how my body when I'm cramping. I never would have talked to him about it in the beginning but after 14 yrs together, I do. LOL - (mavans@_________)

If this is you up there, and you don't have an email from me in your inbox, please check your spam folder (lots of my emails have been labeled as spam lately (?!) or get in touch with me here, on Twitter, on Facebook...

Oh, and if anyone missed the whole giveaway, here are links to the posts:

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