Skin Lightening Procedures: Getting Bold and Beautiful

Having a fair complexion is pursued by many individuals with a great zeal. The range of skin lightening procedures is wide from use of safe and conventional home remedies to bleaching, chemical peels, dermabrasion, laser skin resurfacing. What is puzzling is the intensity of the desire to have a lighter skin that is almost akin to obssession.

Home remedies are still widely preferred because it is safe, unobtrusive and relatively inexpensive. The preference is due to the safety it offers. The amount of preparation is quite tedious and the effects take time to come by unlike other methods. These are the weaknesses that work against the use of homemade products.

Bleaching is a chemical-based approach. Bleaching agents are useful in minimizing the discoloration of small blotchy spots. There are, however, those who apply it so generously all over the body to achieve wide scale body whitening. This is bothering as many bleaching agents are carcinogenic or cancer-causing. What is more alarming is the unregulated sale of these products thus making it very easy to access.

Aging, exposure to sun, pregnancy and genetics contribute to wrinkling and pigmentation that can be removed using chemical peels. The skin whitening procedure is done by applying a medicated facial mask that is removed after awhile. This procedure is more costly than bleaching so evaluation is required.

Dermabrasion is alternatively called surgical skin planing. It is a procedure that entails the use of brush or diamond wheel called burr or fraise. The process can make the skin bleed but eventually replaced by new skin cells with smoother look. The depth that can be penetrated will depend on the how coarse the burr is, and how intense and how much pressure is being applied.

Laser skin resurfacing is a procedure which allows the underlying skin to resurface be removing the old, dry and wrinkled skin. This skin lightening procedure makes use of laser light with a high-intensity programmed for penetration at different levels. Deep penetration of laser light is needed to eradicate wrinkles, acne scars and unwanted hairs.

What is wrong with wanting to have a lighter skin? The important thing about this issue is the ability to make the right decisions based on facts. So which skin lightening procedure will it be?

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