You Want Me to WHAT?! {Day 1 - KY Intimacy Experiment and GIVEAWAY!}

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Yeah, yeah... I know... It's been a while since I said we were going to start this Intimacy Experiment, hasn't it? Well, I've just been too exhausted to type, OK? No, not all the good lovin', that's not why I'm tired. It's these little exercises that come before the "lovin'" part of the experiment!

You see, they have each of the 10 days of the experiment broken into two different exercises - one for day and one for night (yeah, that's the fun one!) Anyway, the daytime exercises are things that can usually be done by one person and, well, if you're participating in the Intimacy Experiment to get more intimate with your partner, you're going to have to have two people for the nighttime experiments!

So, Day 1's "daytime" experiment had me wondering if I was even going to want to follow through with all 10 days. Here's what they told me to do in the little booklet: CLEAN YOUR ROOM! Really? They must be kidding! I haven't had anyone tell me to clean my room since I was 14 and my mom finally just declared that I "... can live in a pigsty if you want to - I don't care anymore!" Now, I have to say that, after the initial teenage rebellion in me dissipated a little, I read on. Turns out to make a lot of sense to clean things up a little. They cited a study in which both men and women were hooked up to some brain-reading machine (yeah, I'm too lazy to look it up. Hey, I'm tired from cleaning my room!) They were... um, stimulated by their partners to orgasm. Seems that the findings of this study showed that women needed to rid themselves of all the little worries in their heads before they could just relax and enjoy, while the men were able to shut down those parts of their brains just about immediately. LOL - Doesn't take a neurologist to understand that one, does it?!

Pillow from Alexandra Ferguson on Etsy

The book went on to explain that this is why we tend to be able to have more fun in hotel rooms - no pile of laundry, no child-sized peanut butter hand prints on the light switch, no Matchbox cars to tip-toe around or accidentally go skateboarding on... In a hotel room, you don't have all of those little reminders of that never-ending list of things to do. You can make a huge mess, leave the towels on the bathroom floor, spill a little wine on the sheets, etc. without really caring. That's why you pay so much to stay there - they have people come and clean up after you.

So, I cleaned my room. It wasn't the most fun I ever had. But, it had to be done. It's the one room in the house that is 100% neglected because we just sleep there. It's the storage room for laundry, old toys, toys that need to be fixed, craft supplies... you name it. No one goes in there, you know, so I don't worry about how it looks. So, Little Guy and I went to town. Yeah, I had to let him help because he can't be trusted alone for more than 25 seconds (I know this because it takes 30 seconds to re-heat coffee in the microwave and he's always into something just before the "BEEP!") He really enjoyed pulling toys from the bottom of piles and playing avalanche. Yeah. Fun. But we got it looking pretty darn spiffy! We donated, fixed, filed, tossed out, and re-located just about everything. We put fresh sheets and blankets on the bed (after playing parachute with the flat sheet and then jumping on the bed for a while), we dusted, vacuumed, even scrubbed the kiddy hand prints from the walls and dusted the light fixture!

The Day 1 "nighttime" part was ready! After making sure we got the oldest set up to sleep at his friend's house (remember the psychological effect that walking in on us just might have!), and I put Little Guy down to sleep (after a very, very long walk in the evening - I wanted him exhausted!), I made my way to the room. Boy, was I surprised! Hubby had read the book, too, and saw the part about your bedroom being a "love nest." He had taken an old sheet and somehow affixed it to the ceiling so that it completely surrounded the bed. It was so cool! Once inside the enclosed bed, it was as if the world had disappeared! Plus, he has some music playing very quietly, and a patchouli/sandalwood candle (my favorite) burning. OK, now you can say, "Awww!"

Candle from Jen San Candles on Etsy

So, according to the little booklet, our nighttime activity was to simply "Enjoy the spoils of your labor." AKA - christen the newly-cleaned room! We took it slow and really enjoyed ourselves. It seems as if, as time went by, our lovemaking bacame one of those things that we just did as fast as possible. With the kids possibly waking up and interrupting and being just plain exhausted, it made sense. But, even when we had more time, the old habits came back. So, on Day 1, we took our time. We talked, hugged, kissed, and slowly progressed toward the sex part of the evening. It was really great! The music and candle helped and, I have to admit, looking around and NOT seeing all of those things I had to do really made me relax.

The next day, we both felt more loving toward each other, too. We seemed to have remembered that an occasional hug in the middle of the day for absolutely no reason means a lot.

This is the PRIZE!!!

Want Some More Entries?!

For 2 extra entries, tell me if you think that cleaning your room might help your sex life! Please leave the comments on this post and don't forget to leave a way for me to contact you in one of the comments. The first should be your answer to the question, the second should say something like "Entry #2" - I'm not going to make you write it all out again.

You must have done the Mandatory entry on my original giveaway post, HERE, in order to receive the extra entries on this post. I will add these entries to the original entries when I choose a winner.

This is open to US residents. YOU MUST BE 18 OR OVER TO ENTER! Giveaway will end on July 30, 2011, at 11:59 pm EST

*I received no monetary compensation for this giveaway, this blog post, or the blog posts that will follow. I did receive a K-Y Brands Intimacy Experiment package in order to fully participate in the program and tell you about it.

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