Are We There Yet?! +FIVE EXTRA ENTRIES in this post!!! { Day 10 - KY Intimacy Experiment & GIVEAWAY}

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OK, so as you can see, I got WAY behind on my posts and am barely finishing them up before this giveaway ends. So, rather than do Day 10 and a Conclusion post, I've decided to put them together. Day 10 of the KY Intimacy Experiment is a reflection, anyway, so it goes with the final post I had planned.

Our KY Intimacy Experiment booklet asks us to use this final day to look over our journal, discuss what we liked doing the most and which were just OK. We really have come a long way in our relationship since before we started this whole thing. As I said before, we were like roommates. And not even roommates who were friends. I was angry at him most of the time for not helping out more with the kids and even seeming to hide himself in front of the TV so he wouldn't have to talk to me. He was confused at my anger (his head was saying, "Why's she mad at me? She didn't ask me to do anything!") We learned how to communicate with each other in many different ways. We've been more honest with each other about both our everyday lives and sex. We learned that, even when there isn't time to talk right now, we can use a journal to write back and forth to each other. I think that is one of my favorites. It's more personal that a phone call or and email, plus we can look back at it later and reminisce.

Our nighttime exercise was to choose one of the nighttime exercises from days 1-9 and do it all over again. I was secretly hoping for Day 9 again - and so was he. This time, we started out with a very sensual massage AND I WAS THE RECIPIENT! It was a great night and I know we'll be doing more of it.

I highly recommend trying this. Even if you're not one of the two winners of this giveaway, go try to enter other giveaways. Here's a Google search I did that will get you started: Searched Google for "KY Intimacy Experiment Giveaway" (Yeah, that's ME on top! Just page waaay down and there will be other blog giveaways.) You can also check out Couples Place on Facebook, it's KY's Facebook page and it has a tab on the left for the Intimacy Experiment where you can download the booklet (No box of goodies, though. Sorry.)

Speaking of that "Box of Goodies", there were a few KY Brand items in there that I'd like to tell you a little more about. If you're like me, you really don't want to plunk down money on something that you just don't like.

First, we tried the KY Brands Yours+Mine Couples Lubricant. The idea here was to add a little stimulating tingle to the foreplay on those certain very-important-for-intercourse body parts. Then, when it came time to come together, those two lubricants mixed together and really enhanced each other! This is something I'd buy. A little goes a LONG way! So, if you do get some, make sure you start out with a little bit. You can always add more!

Next was the KY Brands Yours+Mine Kissable Sensations. This is the one we tried out for "dessert" on the night we cooked up the aphrodisiac foods and drinks. Now, this one is for anywhere on the body and it heats up nicely. It's NOT a lubricant, so you don't have to worry about using too much. It actually tastes good - like the flavors it is supposed to (strawberry in one, chocolate in the other.) I wouldn't buy it, myself, because it's not what we're really into. If you're one for lots of oral... um, pleasuring (?!) this is the one you want!

Finally, we tried my favorite: KY Brand Intense. Whew! I LIKE THIS - A LOT! And, because I liked it so much, hubby's arousal was piqued, too. The one drawback is the price. We won't use it every time - it's more for super-secret-special-birthday sex, you know? But, since the little bottle holds 20 applications and we're not using it all of the time, I think we can save up to replace it when it runs out. (Plus, now hubby knows what to get me for Christmas! No, not an ironing board! Well, maybe... we are getting more adventurous...)

I hope you enjoyed reading my posts. It was tricky writing about this stuff without using some pretty repulsive slang to describe certain things! Now I think I can finish having that sex talk with the oldest! Come back again to check out some of my tamer "Mommy" posts! I'd like to give KY a special thanks. Without this little experiment, I don't see how our relationship would have gotten this close again!

Here is the final EXTRA ENTRY question!!!

For FIVE MORE ENTRIES, answer this question below in a comment on this post: Have you tried any of the things I've written about (day or night) in your relationship? OR - Do you plan on checking out the KY Intimacy Experiment page if you don't win to try to build a closer relationship?

Answer the question in your first comment, then just type "Entry 2", "Entry 3", etc. in your other comments up to five entries. Don't forget to leave your email in one of your comments.

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This is open to US residents. YOU MUST BE 18 OR OVER TO ENTER! Giveaway will end on July 30, 2011, at 11:59 pm EST

*I received no monetary compensation for this giveaway, this blog post, or the blog posts that will follow. I did receive a K-Y Brands Intimacy Experiment package in order to fully participate in the program and tell you about it.

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