Skin Lightening Before and After Pictures: Vanity or Sales?

What do skin lightening before and after pictures hope to achieve? For some this may be a simple act of vanity, feeding the ego after a life-long quest for a fairer skin. If one would consider the effort and time involved in the process, it is not at all surprising to take pride in the results. It may be hard to believe, but wanting to look better is not just about feeding the ego but human nature. Bad things in life can happen to leave behind scars that will be perpetual reminders of the event. The whitening of the scar and evening of the skin tone is like erasing bad or even traumatic memories of days gone by.

Skin lightening before and after pictures is a tell all evidence and compliment to the effectiveness of the product used. It speaks of what was promised to be achieved and how it truly worked. People making testimonies give credence to the validity of claims previously proposed even when it was not validated yet. This happens all the time and a great deal of buyers were fooled this way. The internet abounds with stories similar to this. So, when finally the results become visible, it is time for advertisers to flaunt it, thus the skin lightening before and after pictures.

The visual evidences of how products work as captured in skin lightening before and after pictures is actually a good marketing and advertising strategy. Very often, advertisers show off well known endorsers to give testimonies. They give powerful testimonies to give credence to the product. However, one must be wary with the intricateness of the situation involving endorsements. Thus, knowing that they are endorsers and are paid to say and claim what they say and claim is not comforting for consumers.

In the end, it is still our call whether to believe or not this skin lightening before and after pictures, and the endorsements. What do you think?

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