Yanko Skin Care Excellence Beauty For You (NEW Enhance/Advance Formula) RM 150.00

New Yanko Day 15ml & Night Cream 15ml + Yanko  Cleanser  100ml
RM 150
YANKO Day Cream for preparing double whitening factor to dissolve and eliminate black spots, freckles, all kinds of sports and pimples caused by infection of bactering.It can be immerge into deep subcutaneous tissue to eliminate incubative pimples andissolve melanin to become whiter and whiter.

Yanko Night Cream product contain high unit protein and yoyumin which
extracted from plants to coordinate vitamin A,D,E moisturizer, active regenerator to provide deep active fibrin to make cellmembrane transmit and excrete the melanin faster. It is a top product to eliminate black spots, freckles and all kind of spots to whiten skin. Aside from that, this product contains antiphlogistic and 
antimicrobial to soothe irritation of allergic skin

Yanko cleanser can penetrate deeply into pore to remove oil and dirt, 
balance oil secretion and remove roughness. With effective ingredients, it can
eliminate smallpox and prevent wrinkles. Your skin with look more soft white and elastic

Price : RM 150
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