P1 4G ONE Plan Media Launch

Last week I invited by Nuffnang to attend P1 4G ONE Plan media launch at their HQ in PJ. P1 (known as Packet One Networks (Msia) Sdn Bhd launched a new broadband plan called the One Plan which offers an all-round improved broadband experience to its user.

One Plan is a 2-in-1 broadband bundle that comes with a powerful P1 4G modem with WiFi and a P1 4G on-the-go modem with shared quota at the most attractive price point in the market.

Mr Michael Lai CEO of P1 and Mr M.Isham Nawawi COO of P1 -in a One plan Shirt officially launched the One Plan!!!!

The 6 Great Consumer Benefits!

Mr Michael shared that P1 4G One Plan primarily aims to provide our users with great indoor and on-the-go 4G broadbad experience with the appropriate devices. It also offered one of the highest usage quotas in the market today with up to 30GB per month , and P1 One Plan is the most affordable priced package in the market.

And according to him, most people not aware that an on-the-go modem is not optimized for indoor usage, as the small dongle is best suited for outdoor because their wireless broadband signal travels through air. And if it is used indoor, the signal will become weaker as it penetrates walls and may not be optimally received by the small antenna of the pocket-sized modem. Therefore it is really important to use broadband devices according to their functions.

The One Plan packages that P1 offered

At this time I was tempted to get myself this package, sounds so good like that !!!

Comparing the value between P1 and other competitors in the market! Seems like P1 offered a better deal!!!

After the presentation, we have some games too for the bloggers to win some goodies !

For eg, We are given each card and was told to look for our perfect match . The fastest couple who found their match got a prize.

LinkLast but not least, pictures with all the Nuffinangers ... great meeting you all!!

For more information about P1 4G One Plan, kindly visit www.p1.com.my or call 1300 800 888

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