A Whole New Twist on an Old Game {Day 5 - KY Intimacy Experiment and GIVEAWAY!}

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Day 5 of the KY Intimacy Experiment is all about having fun together. This is something that has been long lost in our relationship. There are just too many responsibilities that we never make time to just have fun anymore. Even going to the park or taking walks as a family, Hubby and I are continuously on alert. With a headstrong toddler, you can't ever let your guard down! So, after reading what today's day- and nighttime exercises were supposed to be, I was excited. We need to be able to just let our hair down and have a good time!

Today's daytime exercise was great to plan and even better to actually do. We were to choose an activity that we've never done together before and then do it. So many possibilities! There were the usual things - we've never had a picnic with just the two of us. There were also the extreme ones - hubby suggested cooking a meal together. Extreme? Yes. I could only envision him not following directions and me ending up frustrated and angry. Not really something that makes you want to get smoochy, you know?

We settled on one of my favorite activities - Fishing. I haven't been fishing since before I was pregnant with Little Guy. I've always loved just sitting by the water, alone with my thoughts, with a pole in the river. I never keep anything - even if I wanted to, the water here is so bad that they tell you not to even feed your pets the fish from this river! Hubby used to go fishing with his dad when he was a kid, but his part mostly consisted of being quiet so he wouldn't scare the fish and handing his dad another beer. (It wasn't a bad experience for him, but he just never got to actually fish.) So, we planned an afternoon of fishing.

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We quickly learned that he can't bait a hook. I laughed so hard to see him pull up his pole and show me a hook with a worm dangling down - it was hooked ONE time. We decided it would be my job to put the worms on. Then, he caught a tree - the one behind us - as he attempted to cast. Twenty minutes later, I had untangled his pole, got all the knots from his line, re-baited his hook (I have NO idea where the worm ended up!), and cast his line for him. I finally had gotten myself situated when he got a bite. He yanked the pole so hard that the poor fish was probably left thinking maybe he had just imagined the worm was there. After a short lesson on how to set the hook and reel in a fish, he was on his own again. Neither of us caught more than a single baby large-mouth bass, but I was having a great time. Hubby's unintentional antics had lightened the mood and, by the time we headed home, we were holding hands and making silly jokes with each other. We really had a lot of fun and didn't let ourselves worry or get frustrated with one another. He let me teach him how to fish and I didn't get angry about having to fix his mistakes (repeatedly! LOL)

That night, we tried the nighttime exercise. It was a twist on poker. (I really, really wanted to title this post: "Hit Me!"  "I'll Pass" I tried it out on Triberr's headline voting thingy and it was shot down - 14 dislikes and 0 likes! I thought it was funny! My other idea was "A Royal Blush" and it was just as unpopular.)

Now, this was a lot of fun for us because we really got to know each other over playing cards. I loved playing Rumy with him (I always won) and he had a great time showing me the zillions of different poker games he knew (he always won!) For the Intimacy Experiment version, we were supposed to take a pile of index cards and divide them into four equal piles. We each got two piles. On one pile, we were to write different body parts. On the other, different actions, such as "kiss", "blow", etc. By the time we were finished writing on all of the cards (we shouldn't have gotten the 100-card pack!), we were giggling at our ideas.

We shuffled our "body parts" cards together and our "touch" cards together and set them between us. Then, we played Five-Card Draw. Whoever won each hand got to choose one index card from each pile and the loser had to perform the touch on the corresponding body part. Now, this ended up being the most hilarious game of poker I had ever played. You see, since we each had to think of 25 body parts and 25 touches, we were running out of ideas toward the end. At one point, I received an ear massage. And hubby got to have his knee licked. Yeah. But, there were some pretty hot combos, too! After our agreed-upon twenty-hand game of poker, we were hot and bothered enough to not notice how late it had gotten. I'll leave off here by saying we had an amazing time and are saving the cards for another round of poker!

Here is today's EXTRA ENTRY question!!!

For TWO MORE ENTRIES, I'm going to give you a choice. Answer one of the questions below in a comment on this post:

  1. Can you think of a fun activity that you and your partner have never done before? I'd love some ideas!

  2. What weird body part/touch combos can you come up with? (Kind of like the ear massage I got!)

Answer the question in your first comment, then just type "Entry 2" in your second comment for two entries. Don't forget to leave your email in one of your comments.

You must have done the Mandatory entry on my original giveaway post HERE, in order to receive the extra entries on this post. I will add these entries to the original entries when I choose a winner.

This is open to US residents. YOU MUST BE 18 OR OVER TO ENTER! Giveaway will end on July 30, 2011, at 11:59 pm EST

*I received no monetary compensation for this giveaway, this blog post, or the blog posts that will follow. I did receive a K-Y Brands Intimacy Experiment package in order to fully participate in the program and tell you about it.

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