Review: Too Faced Leopard Love Complexion Perfection

Bronze, blush and brighten with this all-in-one complexion perfection collection containing three purrrfectshades to complement any pretty kittys skin tone. Our best-selling Pink Leopard Bronzer shines bright, while two NEW combinations offer a dangerously sexy glow. 
Three naturally sexy shades offer a variety of application options: 
  • Peach Leopard: Offers a soft and healthy, naturally apricot glow.
  • Candy Leopard: Pink tones promote a luminous, flush pop of color.
  • Pink Leopard: Golden bronze and gilded pinks brighten any complexion.

I've been debating a loooong time wether I should get this set or not because most of the reviews I read about this product agreed on one point: the shades are too sheer. I decided to order it anyway because I couldn't resist the leopard print design.

The first thing that surprised me was the size of the palette: I thought it would be bigger! It's a nice size to keep in your handbag though.

L - R: Peach Leopard, Candy Leopard, Pink Leopard

When the kit arrived, I rushed to swatch the shades, and yes, I was disappointed. The leopards are shimmery and very sheer.

L - R: Peach Leopard, Candy Leopard, Pink Leopard

I had to apply multipe layers on my arm for the swatches to properly show. Peach Leopard is not as shimmery as the two others, but it's a little too pale to properly show up on my skin. Candy Leopard is the least pigmented of the shades, and it's a very pale pink with subtle gold shimmers. As for Pink leopard, it's a very pretty peachy/pink highlight color.

L - R: with flash and natural light

With flash

Overall, I'm not sure the Leopard Love Complexion Perfection Kit is worth $30 because of its lack of pigmentation, but I still like it even though I have to really dig in to get the colors to show on my skin, because when I succeed the result is pretty - the leopards give me a glowy complexion.

You can buy Too Faced Leopard Love Complexion Perfection Kit from Apothica for $29.70.

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