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Last month I was invited to try SKINZ UV White, a whitening skin care range by Wipro Unza Sdn Bhd and I am glad that the PR personnel is kind enough to allow me to bring along some of my beauty blogger friends to the event :)

The event was held in Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe in Sunway Pyramid

It was held in one of their *hidden* private room that is beautifully decorated with white furniture, white flower & big white chandelier hanging in the middle of this room.

Very dreamy feeling!!!

First I was lead to do the skin test first to determine my skin type / problems.

My result

My skin was diagnosed to be normal to dry skin type. My skin having problem with pigmentation and uneven skin tone :(

So just the right time for me to try out the newly launched SKINZ™ UV White range to combat the problem that I am facing.

Some info about the New SKINZ™ UV White
It has an advanced formulation made for Asian women who desires for a new dimension in whitening! SKINZ™ UV White contains Radiant-Gene Activator - a potent complex of Sakura Extract and Lipo-Vit C that activates lightening at the heart of your cells.

SKINZ™ UV White’s star product, Intensive Whitening Serum is a high-potency serum that can be used day and night. It contains Radiant–Gene Activator concentrate which works by providing your skin with 3 levels of deeper whitening. Easily absorbed into your skin, this serum penetrates deeply right down into your skin cells to inhibit the effects of melanin, creating lighter and even skin tone. It then diffuses deeper into the heart of our skin cells to protect DNA from UVA damage and finally, provides you with double UVA/UVB filter coverage to protect your skin from further sun damage. This serum is also enhanced with Hesperidin to boost the skin lightening process thus reducing pigmentation and dark spots effectively.

Nothing beats having to try these products on our face right after reading so much of info right?

I like how this workshop for meant for a small & exclusive session for 10 of us here to have a hands-on session with the products where we can interact directly with experts at the workshop.

This is Kalpana who gave us a warm welcome :D

This is Susanna Ling, the Product Manager of Wipro Unza (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd who shared with us what is SKINZ™ UV White all about !

In this workshop the organizer invited Dr. Anjalee Mohandas Nair, an Aesthetic Physician from Face Factors Clinic to share with us from a medical point of view about our skin, how pigmentation are formed and how could we reduced it (it cannot be removed unless going under the knife).

She shared that Asian skin are genetically know to have more active melanin and our skin compared to other races. Asian skin has more issues on pigmentation & freckles.

While some of us busy trying out the products, blogger being a blogger, busy taking pictures of the products!

p/s: Looked how Lilian enjoyed herself while I was busy distracting her..LOL!

I tried the below products at the event. Here are some of the info of the product and my simple thought on it.

SKINZ UV White Purifying Facial Foam (50g RM8.50), (100g RM14.90)
SKINZ UV White Clarifying Toner 100ml RM16.90
SKINZ UV White Eye Brightening Essence 15ml RM33.90
SKINZ UV White Intensive Whitening Serum 30ml RM39.90
SKINZ UV White Whitening Day Moisturiser SPF 20PA++ 40g RM32.90
SKINZ UV White Intensive Night Moisturiser 40g RM 33.90

My overall feeling : SKINZ™ UV White range comes with a light pleasant scent. All the products easily absorb in my skin when I tried and all the of the products texture are light except for the night cream. However I do find that the foaming facial wash is a bit drying on my skin as my face feel tight after using it. However my friend Sharon (having oily skin combination) has started using this range, find this range well and not too oily/drying on her skin.

Under this range, there are also other products which I did not manage to try at the workshop which was given to me to try as well.

SKINZ UV White Purifying Facial Scrub 100g RM 14.90
SKINZ UV White Instant Radiance Rinse-Off Face Mask 100g RM16.90
SKINZ UV White Protective Hand and Body Lotion (150ml RM6.50), (400ml RM14.50)

A full review of this range will come up later after I try this range for few weeks

After the hands-on workshop, we are being treated with a mini hand massage using SKINZ UV White Protective Hang & Body Lotion. It was not sticky and has really nice pleasant smell :D

Last but not least, we are given a mini beauty makeover at the end of the session.

End of the session each of us get to bring back home a full set of Skinz UV White products to try! Thanks to generous Wipro Unza!

A groupphoto with all the beauty bloggers :D

p/s:Kudos to the organiser for doing such a great job in organising this event. It was really well-planned and all of us went home happy!

And a photo of myself in this beautiful place!

Good news to you all the readers here that there are Skinz UV White starter Kits to be won , so remember to stay on for my next post!

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