What Are YOU Looking At? {Day 4 - KY Intimacy Experiment & GIVEAWAY!}

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We all have certain parts of our body that, when we look at ourselves in a mirror, stand out like a giant zit at the end of our nose. You can't help but miss seeing them. Maybe it's cottage cheese thighs. Or possibly that extra roll on your tummy, courtesy of your last pregnancy. Whatever it is, you know it's there, you're conscious of it every time you get into the shower. You wish it would just go away. In my case, I wish it would become more noticeable. I have mosquito bites where there should be boobs. I mean, I loved breastfeeding for a number of reasons, but the larger bra size was one of the perks that I miss the most. I swear, after I weaned each kid, my boobs shrunk to smaller than before! Is it even possible to have a negative cup size?! I think I have one! When Bernie from One Mixed Bag wrote about her missing bra, I have to admit I was SO JEALOUS! (You have to go read this. It's your instant laugh for the day - I promise!)

I'm sure that my husband has the same hang up about something on his body, but if he does I'm not too sure what it would be. Maybe it's just a guy thing - he'll parade around naked every chance he gets. And he's never mentioned my lack of boobs. Not once. He seems to like me just as I am. What's this all leading to? Well, Day 4 of the KY Intimacy Experiment, of course! Today's exercises are focusing on our comfort levels around each other and changing some habits that may be getting in the way of a "smokin' hot sex life", as the booklet calls it.

The daytime exercise asks us to think over some of the things that may have helped lead us to a place in our relationship that may be "too comfortable." Now, at first, I was thinking that I was reading the booklet wrong. How could being comfortable with your partner be a bad thing? It sure makes life easier to be able to run into our only bathroom to go pee while hubby is brushing his teeth rather than dancing around outside the door until he's finished, right? What about those days when you're just feeling lazy? It's good to be able to leave your PJ's on all day, not comb your hair, not shower or even bother with deodorant, right? Well, according to the KY Intimacy Experiment booklet, this isn't always the case.

We were to write down all of those things that we do around each other that would equate to being comfortable with one another, things that could possibly become obstacles to a rockin' sex life. It was hard to envision any of these things as being an obstacle, so we decided to just write down the things that we do around each other that shows how uninhibited we are. Then, we went over the lists together and discussed whether we'd have done any of these things when we first got together. Boy, we had some pretty good laughs! There is NO WAY I'd take care of my "girl stuff" while he was in the bathroom way back then. Now, it's not a big deal - ya gotta do what ya gotta do! And he said that he'd always take a really good shower and slap on cologne whenever he knew we'd be seeing each other. Nowadays, he still takes showers, but I don't think I've smelled cologne or anything but soap on him for years. We went over some of those things and decided to try to be more discreet in them just to see if it adds a little more zip to our relationship. Not sure if it will or not, but this is an experiment, right?

The night time part of Day 4 was pretty interesting. We were to get rid of the kids due to the possibility of them going blind. Check - Oldest is still at Grandpa's and Little Guy was tuckered out from the very long evening at the park and only getting half of a nap that afternoon. Then, we were to turn off all the lights, strip down, pour some wine, then cuddle and watch a movie together. Well, it was late and we were tuckered out from the park, too. So, the beverage was coffee with  little Bailey's in it and the "movie" was an episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus. While watching TV, we were to try to be aware of how we felt next to each other, let our hands wander, and feel the air hit our bodies when we got up to walk around. Then, after the show was over, we were to massage each other from head to toe and take a shower together. We veered away from the plan a little, but still managed to do the things on the list.

Thanks to the coffee, we were both still pretty wakeful. We decided to use the bubble bath that KY provided in the Intimacy Experiment kit to take a bath together. HA! You know, it always sounds good, but you can never fit two grown people into a standard-sized bathtub comfortably. We ended up in the shower together (still not the romantic scene you expect it to be), where hubby got a partial back rub. By the time the shower was over, the alcohol had made its way to our heads. We were like two kids goofing around when Mom and Dad were away for the weekend. We raided the snack cupboard and, giggling, made our way (still naked) to the bedroom to eat like gluttons. We were cracking jokes and laughing uncontrollably for half the night. It was just like old times - times that I thought were gone forever.

I have to admit that, as the evening wore on, I was less and less aware of my imperfections. All-in-all, this was a great experiment and we are already planning on another "Jay Bird Party" in the near future (I'm trying to talk him into an evening of Strip Scrabble!) As for our experiment with limiting some of those things that we're comfortable doing around each other that we'd never have done early in our relationship... I'm not sure yet. I think that it will take a while for the old habits to be broken and to lose some of the familiarity. We'll see how it goes!

TWO More Chances to WIN!!!

For TWO MORE ENTRIES, tell me in a comment below one of the things that you or your partner do now that you're comfortable with each other that you'd NEVER have done at the start of your relationship.  Answer the question in your first comment, then just type "Entry 2" in your second comment for two entries. Don't forget to leave your email in one of your comments.

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