Wonderful Wednesday

Hi everybody,

Wow, I haven't blogged since Monday! At this point, I guess I've become a Southerner and with that, I don't like cold weather anymore. This winter is so outrageously cold and for this week, 49 out of 50 states have snow. The only state that does not see fluffy precipitation from above is Hawaii, the Aloha state. My Hawaiian readers, you guys are so lucky!

Since V-Day, my energy level went way down. On Valentine's Day, I slept like Sleeping Beauty for the whole day. And the same thing happened the next day and the day after that. So yeah, the lack of blogging has been due to the surplus of sleeping. I am looking forward to warmer temperature soon, there's so much sleep I can take at this point.

Mr. Belly said hi hi meow!
Either he was very happy or he mocked my monolid eyes. I can't figure this part out!

Guess what came in the mail yesterday?
A Valentine card with a bee in the front, so cute!
And guess what's inside?

Drat, it's not 'Will you marry me"!
It's "Bee my Valentine"
It's a yes from me, my secret admirer and amiga!

On a second note, I noticed my hair is similar to Miley Cyrus since I sit near her autobiography at Border's. I don't know how they cut her hair but I know how mine was done :) My bang is the reverse from hers and guess what, I am going to post a bang trimming tutorial soon (maybe in a week or two.)

That's all for now. The purpose of this entry is nothing more than informing you that I am doing fine, except that I feel like a zombie right now. Speaking of zombies, have you read "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies"? It's a funny read and they are making a movie out of this book. I can't wait to see!


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