Thank You, Temptalia!

Hi everybody,

Guess who is the lucky girl? It's me, yo! For a very long time, I did not win anything when it comes to giveaways. But that did not deter me from hosting giveaways in my own blog, right? If you believe in karma, you know - "what goes around comes around", there is karma. I guess Lady Karma saw through me and decided to make the "come around" part happen. And you know why I know that?

Because the great Temptalia picked me as the winner of her fall giveaway, yo! And it could not come at a better time, either. After I defended my thesis and stuff, I was so exhausted but decided to check my emails before the week came to an end. For that whole week, I did not even have a minute to breath, left alone checking emails. And guess what? I got an email titled "Temptalia Loves You". Now, for those who know me in real life, I have a different email account I use for a very long time, which is different from the blog email. I prefer to separate church and state, ie blogging from real life. For some reasons, I used that email address for the giveaway and she emailed me.

Let's put it this way: it was a nice graduation gift. Besides, I could not afford department store makeup at that time (and still can't for now). With all the stuff she sent me, I've had a lot of fun! Wanna see what I got? Jump!

The loot (top-bottom, L-R):
Reflects antique gold, Asiatique nail polish, Violet Varicose nail polish, Golden Olive pigment
Ochre Style and Rich Flesh eye shadows
Quiet Please! and Thrills lipsticks

The naked loots:
Front row, L-R: Thrills lipstick, Ochre Style, Rich Flesh eye shadows, Quiet Please! lipstick
Back row, L-R: Golden Olive pigment, Reflects antique gold glitter, Varicose Violet and Asiatique nail polishes

Temptalia is so generous to give me such a big package. I've never had so many MAC products at the same time like this, although my cousin's Christmas present in one year came pretty close. I am so happy and honored to receive these items, especially the pigment which is in the old (and much more weighty) container.

If you noticed, I included samples of the pigment and reflects in my most recent giveaway because I believe I have enough Golden Olive pigment and Reflects antique gold glitter to use for my lifetime and probably can pass on some to the next few generations ("Oh, that's how makeup looked like back in grandma's time," said my future grandson/granddaughter.)

Again, thank you so much, Temptalia! I really appreciate the gifts!


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