Bargains from Jean Coutu + hair lust (Taylor Momsen) + Jessica Biel + giveaways

I went to Jean Coutu today to grab my prescription and, while I was there, I thought that maybe the new TRESemmé dry shampoo that Recessionista reviewed here would be available... and to my surprise, IT WAS THERE!!!

I know, I always say that I never buy products at full price, but I absolutely had to get my hands on that shampoo... and it was only like 6$! I can't wait to review it ^^

While waiting for my prescription, I quickly flipped through the drugstore's weekly flyer and came accross this:

The deodorant looked so yummy... and for 2,50$ each, I had to get... not one, but two! At least, I really needed deodorant because the one I'm currently using is almost finished.

So here are my bargains:

TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo for oily/straight to normal hair

Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Burst nectarine & white ginger scent

Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Energizing grapefruit & lemongrass scent

Onto my hair lust: OK, I have to admit it: I'm so obsessed with Gossip Girl. Even more with Taylor Momsen's hair:

I've been wanting bangs (or fringe, I don't know or care about the difference) for some times now, because I hate my big forehead and my long face. I'd like to hide those a bit. I figured out that a dissheveld bang that don't need much care would do the job perfectly, but I do have one concern however: how do you apply your face cream without getting your bang all sticky or greasy? Do you clip it up on your head while the cream penetrates? And does it because dirty more quickly because of the constant contact with your face?
I really need some advices. Thanks!

Did you know that she played the little girl in How The Grinch Stole Christmas? I didn't until yesterday LOL.

I also wanted to share a little something that I noticed in a magzine (I think it was in Allure):

Don't you notice anything strange in this picture? Or is it just me?

First of all, I couldn't recognize her. It's actually Jessica Biel, but I don't know, something looks wrong, and I think it's her eye makeup:

I think her eyes look swollen and puffy, like if someone just punched her! Maybe it's because the makeup is too heavy... don't you think so? 

Anyway, I had to share this with you. Now I can get it off my mind (=

Here are a few giveaways for you to enter:

Hannah's giveaway:

Nooberella's giveaway:
Your choice of a MAC eyeshadow
Your choice of a MAC Fluidliner Eyeliner
Your choice of a set of MAC Falses Eyelashes

Lina's giveaway:

Jessica-Alice's giveaway:

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