Home Remedies For Hair Care In Winter.

In winter the cold air is more drying and less humid and therefore more abusive than other times of the year. So our hair needs more care during this season.
Let's see how we can take care of our hairs in winter
1) Apply hair oil thrice a week to maintain the moisture of your hair.
2) In case of curly hairs, do not wash out all your conditioner. You can reapply it after towel drying.
3) Use natural and non plastic combs to brush your hairs.
4) Trim your split ends.It is the appropriate time for split ends to work their way up to the hair shafts
5) Avoid frequent coloring, streaking, or ironing as they can rob your hair off its moisture.
6) Hair is at it’s weakest when wet. So never keep your hair wet for a long period of time or brush it when it’s wet.
7) It is advisable to towel dry your hair and avoid heating appliances.

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