Skin And Body Care With Choco And Vanilla In A Delhi Spa Aura.

Aura is a Spa in Delhi, where you can enjoy the magic of choco-vanilla cream massage and experience complete relaxation, guided by gentle hands that help you ex plore your inner world as they restore and rejuvenate your mind and body. It starts with a dry massage, followed by full body massage with whipped Cream of cocoa powder, vanilla, coconut cream and coconut granules with mega moisturizing & calming effect. It Softens & nourishes skin, promotes blood circulation, has healing properties and repairs tissues. The massage therapist massages the body with equal pressure, focusing on the acupressure points and applying long soothing strokes in a rhythmic manner. At the same time, the aroma of vanilla and chocolate lingers in the air, arousing the temptation of chocolate brownie with vanilla ice-cream!
After the massage session ,a quick hot bath makes the skin soft and supple and you leave the place with a fresh mind and relaxed body.
The Spa has a dimly-lit massage room with soothing music in the background, sea-shells on the wall and fresh flowers floating in water, giving positive energy, welcomes one to a relaxing session.

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