"I Miss You" from Sinful Colors: Glittery Glam Goodness!

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First nail post of this year! To be honest, I did not blog so much about nail polishes at all simply because I am not so much of a nail polish addict. However, that has changed since Christmas. You see, my Secret Santa sent me some nail polishes and since then, I enjoy the pleasure of applying colors to my nails, Sinful Colors nail polishes, no less.

Sinful Colors in "I Miss You"

"I Miss You" is love in the blingiest form possible: I can't help but smile whenever I wear this color. Basically, this shade is a mix of purple and silver glitters in clear nail polish. You can wear it by itself but it would probably take 4 coats to cover the finger.

I have worn it over black nail polish (glam goth love!), pink nail polish (very girly) and purple nail polish. The one shown in the pictures is Vericose Violet from Dame Edna collection that I won from Temptalia's fall giveaway.

MAC Vericose Violet

The glittery goodness was achieved by applying 2 coats of Vericose Violet and 2 coats of I Miss You

The nails in a slightly different lightning
You can see white glitters better here.

Every time I wore "I Miss You", people would ask me how I did my nails. I guess "I Miss You" is really flashy and noticeable. It is a very fun color and so far, I love Sinful Colors very much. I found this brand at Walgreens and CVS. Each bottle of nail polish costs $1.99 and is the same size as OPI. Heck, it even looks similar to OPI. Beside the uber affordable price, Sinful Colors does not contain BPA, formaldehyde, or naphthalene. It also dries faster than the NYC nail polishes I got. I think drugstore nail polishes has gone a very long way.

Sinful Colors also have 3 or 4 other glittery nail polishes in their lineup and when they are on sale, I will definitely get them all! Glitters are so much fun to play with!

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