Turmeric Is The Best Home Remedy For Skin Blemishes.

Yes, turmeric is a beauty aid. It is an essential part of my daily routine, in my diet and for skin care as well. I would strictly suggest you, do not use turmeric powder which is for cooking, as it may contain other ingredients and coloring.
As we all know, turmeric being yellow in color, will leave some stains behind. So to effectively remove the yellow stain after applying turmeric on face you need a cup of milk and some first aid cotton to wipe off.  Dip a little of cotton in the milk and clean the skin the same as you do with a cleansing lotion. Take a fresh swab of cotton each time you dip in the milk and clean the face. Most of yellow stain will be removed.
 Mix 1 teaspoon each turmeric (haldi) powder and juice of fresh coriander (dhania) leaves and apply daily as a face pack before going to sleep. Daily application will make your skin free from blackheads.
Buy real turmeric and grind it and mix with gram flour and water or honey. After 10 mins or when it becomes dry, you can wash it off, It cleans your face for sure.
 If you want less hair on your face or body, mix a little turmeric with soy flour and half milk or heavy cream. Leave on until it dries and rinse off ... your skin will look awesome and after some time you'll have less hair growth.
Apply a paste of neem leaves and turmeric on skin infection it works wonders
Turmeric can also be used to reduce wrinkles. Mix turmeric powder with cream of milk and apply it to the wrinkle prone area.
Suffering from cracked feet………don’t worry! Turmeric will help you out. Apply a mixture of warm castor oil and turmeric powder onto the affected area. Massage for a while .It reduces cracks and roughness.

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