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Well, hello there my gorgeous!

It's almost mid-February and I haven't posted a FOTD look so far. Shame on me! It used to be at least a FOTD a week and I do have lots of pictures in my archives. So really, I have no idea why I don't post them up here.

I've been following Kandee Johnson's blog for a while now and she is one of the most talented makeup guru on YouTube. I like her style and when she posted her "Getting Married" makeup tutorial, I have GOT to try it out. The thing is, I don't have all the MAC colors she used in the video.

But I do have Coastal Scents 88 palette! So let the fun begin!

My version of this look using CS 88 palette
Please forgive my skin, it has been so sensitive!

First off, here's Kandee's video clip. I watched it once and now if you give me a blushing bride, at least I know what to do for her to make her look gorgeous on her big day. Kandee's instructions are very clear.

Secondly, if you have all the colors she used, please pull them out. If you don't the CS 88 palette will be suffice.

(*): Colors I used
What I did:
  • Primed my eyelids with Bare Canvas paint pot;
  • 3rd color from 2nd column on the right was used as a replacement to Brulee was applied to all over the eyelids;
  • Then, I used the 3rd color from 2nd column on the left (the one with black asterisk) on the inner corner and to highlight underneath the brow bones;
  • I used the last color at the bottom of the 2nd column on the right to apply from the outer corner of my eyes toward 2/3 of the eyes and blend out;
  • I blended the 2nd and 3rd color from the bottom of the 2nd column on the right to the crease and blend them upward;
  • For the plum color, I used the 3rd color from the bottom of the 4th column on the right and blend;
  • The replacement of Carbon is the last color from the bottom of the last column on the right. I used it to deepen the crease;
  • Then, I lined my eyes with Blacktrack fluidline and used the 2nd color from the bottom of the last column to darken my eyebrows.
  • To further highlight the inner corner of my eyes and the brow bones, I used NYX Champagne.
Semi-close eyes
The colors are blended really well with each other. I love it!

Closed eye
Please forgive the horrible lightning

With flash to show off the beautiful (fake) eyelashes

 The sole purpose of this picture is to vex MAC
See, even though I am not a makeup artist, my falsies don't look anything as funky like this!

Since my skin was sensitive, I did not apply any foundation. To add colors to my cheeks, I used EDM Snuggle blush. On my lips, I used Rimmel London Celeb and L'Oreal Infallible Plumped Pink.

For extra flirty lashes, I used a pair of Daiso lashes McNunu gave me.

I air kissed La McNunu Doll!
Thank you for the lashes, girlfriend!

Whether you're getting married or not, this is a romantic look that is fairly easy to do. If you have the CS 88 palette, please bust it out and make some good use of it. I already give you the cheat code for the colors, now please give it some good use :)

Thank you for participating in this Valentine's Day giveaway. If you haven't participated, there's still time and please hurry up and join the fun!


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