Valentine's Day Giveaway

Hi everybody,

It's giveaway time again! I'm so happy to do another giveaway just in time for Valentine's Day! This time around, the goody bag is all on moi and I handpicked all the items as well as wrap them for one of y'all lucky people. Let's see what we got here:

The prize for Valentine's Day giveaway
Want to know the details of what's inside and how to win? Jump!

A lucky winner will receive:
  • An E.L.F Studio powder brush
  • Twilight Woods mini body spray from Bath and Body Works
  • L'Oreal Extra-Volume Collagen mascara
  • L'Oreal eye shadows in Satin Tutu and Golden Olive
  • Samples of MAC Golden Olive pigment and Reflects Antique Gold
  • Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush soothing lip balm
  • Victoria's Secret VS lip gloss in Blush
  • A pack of Silk Elements luxury moisturizing conditioner and a plastic processing cap
  • A sample of Eyeko Face Off cleansing wipes
  • Samples of Skin MD Natural lotion
  • Four spools of Hello Kitty ribbon.
The eye shadows
Pretty, ya?

Spoons o' ribbons
If you love Hello Kitty, you've gotta enter this giveaway. The ribbons are hella cute!

And now, here's the important part: How to join this giveaway

There are two ways to win:

1. Be a follower of my blog via Google Connection:

This is super easy and won't take you more than 3 clicks. You take a look on the right sidebar closer to this column and the "Follow" button is right underneath my "Total Beauty Member" patch. Just click on this "Follow" button and it will take you to the rest of the procedure.

2. Be my email subscriber:

This is like sitting in the front row seat of my blog: you get an email delivered to you everyday, on the day I blog. If I don't blog that day, you don't have any new mail to alert you of the cool stuff happening at My Makeup Blog. It does not take that long to register, either, and once you do, please verify your email address. If you don't, your entry will be voided.

Enter your email address:

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Once you are a follower, just fill this form and that's it, you're done! One entry per person, please!
The contest is over, please check back to see if you are a winner.

To recap, here are what you need to do to join this giveaway:

1. Be my follower either via Google Connection or Email. If you follow via email, please verify. Addresses that are not verified will not be eligible to win. (If you are already a follower, you can skip this step!)

2. Fill in the form and that's it, you're done!

If you have a Twitter account, please retweet.
RT @MyMakeupBlog enter to win V-Day Giveaway

Thank you so much!

This giveaway is opened from now until 5pm EST or GMT +5, February 12th, 2010. Winner will be randomly chosen and announced here on my blog so please check back to see if you win. Also, if you are a winner please contact me ASAP so I can send the package to you. This contest is opened to everybody, as long as my post office can ship to you.

Good luck, everyone!


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