Ways To Keep Yourself Safe From Salon Infections.

Thousands of women and even men visit beauty parlours every year, and though it may seem like a clean and safe environment, countless people end up with skin and hair related problems. Just because your salon exhibits swanky ambience and high-priced services, it doesn’t mean you are safe.
When it comes to waxing, infection is most often spread by the hands of the therapist. Whenever there is injury to the skin, it is compromised and can allow bacteria, fungus or viruses to multiple and create an infection. If the wax applied is too hot, burns can result or you can get an allergic reaction .Many of the tools at spas are non-disposable and if not sanitised properly, can spread germs. The risk is especially high for equipment that comes into direct contact with bodily fluids. Looking into the salon’s bathroom is a good barometer for the rest of the salon.
If the previous client had a wart or fungal infection and if the tools are not washed properly, the infection can get transferred.When it comes to facials, poor recognition of the skin type can aggravate pimples or rashes. A full blown acne can take months to settle. Also warts are commonly seen when using an unclean blackhead remover. Further, contaminated creams when massaged into the skin could result in bacterial infections.should not be left open as it can invite bacteria and the waxing strips used should be of good quality.
When going for hair treatments remember scalp infections or dandruff can be caused due to dirty combs. For men, disposable razor blades should be used to trim their hair so as to avoid hepatitis B and HIV.Further, getting piercings at salons are a cause for worry. Keep the skin clean prior to the piercing and keep it dry for a few days after to prevent infection.
Health issues like respiratory conditions from breathing in the fumes of polishes, hair chemicals and disinfectants can also be a cause for concern.Viral infections including HIV, hepatitis B and C, warts, bacterial and fungal infections, hair loss, skin burns etc are some things to look out for.

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