How to Apply False Lashes

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When I did the Baby Doll tutorial, I got some comments about false eyelashes and how to apply them. Gee, you guys made me feel like I am an expert in applying falsies or something. Or maybe it's the result of me pulling MAC editorial's leg? (Lookie here if you don't know what I mean.)

Truth be told, I was scared of falsies for years. Applying eye shadows: yes; wearing mascara: yes; grooming my eyebrows: yes. Applying falsies: heck to the NO! There was something about the fake lashes that made me feel uncomfortable and one day, I found out I was not afraid of wearing fake lashes. I was afraid of the application process, precisely of being poked in the eyes.

After doing my own research online and watching an episode of Rachel Ray repeatedly, I concluded there's nothing to fear but fear itself. So, I went to Sally's Beauty and bought my first pair of Ardell lashes and a tube of lash glue. The rest was history. While I don't wear falsies on a daily basis, I prefer to use them when I need to take pictures. They make a huge difference and today I am going to show you how to apply them, too!

First thing first: the necessary items
You will need an eyeshadow primer (I use Bare Canvas paint pot), an eyeliner (I use Blacktrack gel liner), an eyeliner brush if you use gel liner, mascara, eyelash curler, and a pair of falsies of your choice.

Also, don't forget the lash glue
For those who read palms, that's my left palm :)

First step: curl your lashes
That's me with intense concentration

Then, apply a thick line of eyeliner
This step is crucial to conceal the backbone of your falsies

And then, apply two coats of mascara
I prefer a mascara that can hold the curl and somewhat flexible to curl after it is dried.

Now, the fun part starts here:
Get your false lashes and flex them a couple of times. Then, place the lashes near your lash line to see if they fit your eyes. If they are too big, trim from the outer corner of the lash.
Then, apply lash glue to the backbone of the lash strip
Some people prefer to apply lash glue with a toothpick, I just apply directly from the tube. Wait for the glue to get sticky. This may take 30 seconds to a minute, depending on what brand of glue you use.

Once the glue gets sticky, carefully apply the lash strip from the inner to the outer corner of your eye. You can use a tweezer to hold the strip and the end of a brush to apply pressure to the backbone of the falsie.
If you make mistake, it's time to correct it when the glue is not dried.
Note: does this look familiar to the MAC editorial picture? Ya?

The lashes are not blended together
But don't worry, we can fix it...

With an eyelash curler!
It would be easier if you have a heated lash curler, since it is designed to use to lashes after mascara. If you don't have it, a mechanical lash curler works as well. It just takes a bit more work.
Curl both your real and false lashes together and voila...

No double lashes!
Two becomes one, yo!

But on the other note, I should have removed those clumps of mascara.
Oh well, we keep it real around here!

End up looking like a deer with falsies :)

Note: practice does make perfect. You should have seen my first few attempts of applying false lashes. They were "epic failures" (words used by my nephews!) Also, the types of false lashes I used made a big difference. For starters, shorter and smaller lashes are easier to work with since they don't need a lot of trimmings. Ardell "Baby" lashes at Sally's Beauty is the best set for starters since they look so natural and pretty.

From what I've gathered, Ardell, E.L.F, and Revlon make good and comfortable lashes that are less than 5 dollars a pair. Ardell and Duo glues are favorable among makeup enthusiasts. If you just want to make your lashes look a bit fuller, shorter lashes are perfect (and they do look more natural, too!) However, they may not show up very well in films. Longer lashes can look scary in real life but in films, they look so whimsical. I like criss-cross lashes since they look more natural than the other types, but that's just my preference.

So, what do you think? Do you wear falsies? Or have any extra tips and tricks? Comments, ok?


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