GILTY Pleasures Weekly Blog Tour: Vol 6, 2010

Hi everybody,

This week's blog tour comprises a variety of makeup and beauty tips, tricks, and tutorials. I hope you'll enjoy our effort to give you the best of this week.

Alison of the Advice Sisters has picked her favorite show of fashion week (so far, more to come on the advice sisters blog). It is "THE BLONDES" runway show featuring everything from sexy dresses with golden spikes and glittering, sky-high Louboutin pumps, to a gorilla suit!

Talented hair and makeup artist Altjana Banja created the hair look for emerging designer Carmelita Martell a sophisticated, braided bun.

Lisa from Bridalease has great skin protection advice during these crazy cold and windy days of winter.

Ageless Elaine explains cosmeceuticals and why you want them.

Gio from Beautiful With Brains talks about the benefits of olive oil in skincare.

Missy of Luxury Beauty Products reviews Sun Botanicals SunScreen with SPF 30made by women for women specifically designed to protect against the sun’s harmful UV radiation from damaging the skin.

Beauty and Fashion Tech reviews DHC Skincare, including DHC Olive Oil Cleanser.

Dao from My Makeup Blog found an easy and fool proof way to apply false lashes that guarantees an eye opening result!


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