Belly at Large: Fake Makeup

From the desk of Jack Belly, My Makeup Blog's Editor at Large:

Hello there, my beautiful ladies!

Sorry for the late update today, last night the fellows and I had a football game up in the roof top (Editor's note: it was their Seven Hills Kitty Bowl.) My team is the Stripes and we played against the Gamine. They were weak, we won, I got MVF*, woohoo!
 (MVF: most valuable feline)

Anyways, Dao insisted I post something since my last post was really popular. As you beauties may know, I pitched a topic to her and she liked it. She even tweeted online (by the way, is there any bird on Twitter?)

So, with my sore paws, I type this post. Football is fun and all but beauty is my passion, yo!

Remember this post about a fake MAC makeup party? Now, in this economy, saving a dime or two for the rainy day when you run out of cat food is a good thing. Like every other feline, I love to look pretty. I like my coat to be shiny and my whiskers to be long and curly. And I would do whatever it takes to achieve that clean feline look.

The same goes to humans. Based on the amount of time my editor-in-chief spent in front of the mirror, I can deduct. She also talks a lot about saving money. Yes, it's a good thing. However, it is not swell to buy counterfeit.

And counterfeit makeup is everywhere. You go on eBay looking for cat toys and the next thing you see is fake makeup. They are cheap and they look fabulous. That was then. Now, people not only host makeup parties, they also sell makeup from their cars.

From a cat's opinion, please don't buy counterfeit makeup. Wanna know why? Jump!

Let me tell you why:

Although it may look like you save yourself some money, the result may not be something you wish for. We all think those lipsticks and eye shadows are harmless, right? Yes, they are, if you buy them from reputable sources. However, with counterfeit, anything goes. They can put God-knows-what ingredients in there that may end up on your skin, lips, and eyes. Imagine what they may do to the whiskers eyelashes you want to grow out?

Talking about unknown ingredients in counterfeit makeup, they can go from glue, paint thinners, and even paints, things that have no business to be on your skin, let alone sitting on your eyelids. You can seriously develop a rash (mild case), to burn your skin, to lose an eye if things like that fall into your eyes.

So please, for the love of Cheesus, don't go online or offline and buy counterfeit makeup. These items are harmful for your health and who knows where the money may go (terrorist activities and child labor, maybe?) Listen to Mr. Belly and be good, ok?

Now, where's my cheese puff? And I need a massage! Dao, where are you?

Peace, love and meow,

Mr. Belly >.<

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