How to Get Celebrity Cascading Curls

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With the award season coming at full swing, cascading curls are spotted everywhere on and off the red carpet. Basically, anybody with hair a bit below their shoulder can sport this style. Heck, even Russel Brand has cascading curls these days! (Click here for a pic. For those who does not know who Russel Brand is, he's a British comedian and Katy Perry's fiance.)

My everyday straight hair

My all curled up hair

For years, I have been trying to curl my hair like they do in Miss Universe. Since my hair is stick straight, I want curls. Sometimes, I got fantastic curls, other times I got crappy uncurled curls. And then, once in a while, I burned myself and my hair! So kids with straight hair who want curls, you are in good hands here. After years of doing research, I came up with an infallible method. Before doing this tutorial, I did not curl my hair for months, yet the result was awesome!

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What you need:
Curling iron: I use my Babyliss Pro porcelain ceramic curling iron, it can get really hot!
Hairspray: I use K.I.S hairspray but any non-sticky hair spray with strong hold will do. The K.I.S hair spray is also a thermal protector so I did not need to use one for that purpose.
Some butterfly hair clips to section your hair
A rat tail comb to make sectioning easier (this is optional)
A comb or a brush

After combing your hair, section it into three layers

You can use two clips to divide or remove one layer at a time.
Sectioning ensures you don't miss your hair at some random spots.

Since we want cascading curls, you should hold your curling iron parallel to your face at all time.
I know this is difficult as the curling iron can be heavy but if you hold it parallel to the floor, you will not get cascading curls at all!

Spray thermal protection to your hair and with one hand, grab a 1-2 inch wide section and run the curling iron from root to end, then curl your hair toward your scalp.
Remember, the curling iron is parallel to your face.
For the first layer, count slowly to 8 per curling section.
Finish the whole section and clip all the curls together with a butterfly clip

Like so
Then, release the second layer and do the same thing.
This time around, count slowly to 10 as you curl each section of hair.

After finishing the second layer, clip all the hair from the first and second layers together and proceed to the last layer of hair. Since this is the most superficial layer, the curls need to be tighter. Therefore, you count slowly to 15 per section. After you are done with this section, release all the hair from the butterfly clip and inspect carefully. If you miss any spot, please take your time and curl the hair in those areas.

After you are done curling all your hair, it's time to grab that bottle of hairspray.
If you love big, bouncy, beautiful hair, flip your hair upside down and spray all over your hair. Then wait for 30 seconds before flipping your hair back up. Then, spray your hair one more time.

Carefully arrange your hair and voila, you are done!

My hair, from the front

From the back
Some extra tips for y'all:
  1. If you want bigger curls, get a curling iron with bigger diameter. Mine is 1.5 inch in diameter and I am very happy with the result. Also, bigger curlers make it faster to curl.
  2. Although there are so many types of curling irons out there, make sure yours is coated with ceramic. Before this curling iron, I had a metal one and not only did my hair get burn all the time, the curls did not last as long.
  3. Make sure your hair dries completely before you curl. Wet hair is very weak and when exposed to extreme heat, hair is prone to breakage.
  4. Be extra vigilant when using your curling iron: it is a hot tool and it can burn you!
  5. If you dye your hair recently, don't jump up and down to curl it immediately. Dyes and heat can do a lot of damage to your hair.
I hope this post helps you to create this much coveted cascading curly hairstyle. The three things for a successful curly hair operation are sectioning, holding your curling iron parallel to your face, and counting. This is my no-fail method to have curly hair like celebrities on the red carpet.


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