Valentine's Day Giveaway Winner

Hi everybody,

Thank you for participating in 2010's Valentine's Day giveaway. 81 of you participated, which made this event the most participated one in My Makeup Blog's history. Sounds good, doesn't it? As usual, I used to select a winner and this was what they gave me:
Lucky number 76, where art thou?

It's Daniela!
I will email you shortly for your mailing address. It sounds like you are an international contestant and you will get your prize after Valentine's Day.

To reply the question "What are you planning to do for V-Day?" this is what Daniela wrote:
I'm off to the island of Madeira in Portugal with my boyfriend :) I have nothing else planned for that day and maybe he will make me a surprise, hopefully
I hope he will surprise you, Daniela! Madeira sounds wonderful!

I enjoy reading all of your comments, they made me feel warm and happy inside. For those who have significant others to share Valentine's Day with, please make the best out of this day. For those who haven't yet found the one, don't worry! Spending V-Day with your friends and family is equally nice. The message of Valentine's Day is about love, not about some overpriced candies and stuffed animals.

Have fun, everyone! Thank you for your participation and readership. There will be another giveaway, at least one, for all of you to participate in the near future.


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