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Every week, I went through the same routine all over again. Around Sunday, I used self-encouragement to find writing topics for this blog. "I give up!" I threw my hands in the air. "I have absolutely nothing to write in here!"

Then, a calm inner voice that sounded like a cross between Morgan Freeman and Yoda told me to look into my picture archive. "Maybe you'll find something worthy to write in there, my child," the voice said. And that, my friends, is how My Makeup Blog has been surviving for almost 3 years now.

Today's post is one of the results of the inner voice. A couple of months ago, somebody gave us a box of cookies. Unlike many cookies I've eaten before, these guys are really special. They are 100% handmade during a certain time of the year. And best of all, they are tiny. The size of my thumb tiny.

I managed to take some pictures before we devoured them all. We call them "The Smart Cookies." And no, I'm not kidding. That's the name.

Four types of smart cookies
Rose bud
This one looks like a hedgehog
Who ate Sonic?
This one looks like a snail. Or a leaf.
I had no time to contemplate since it was inside my belly already :P
The filling was the same to all of them. They all had soft caramelized shredded coconut. Yummylicious, I must say! Now, I look at the photos longingly, as I can't have them anymore. They are on sale once a year during Qing Ming. Probably our version of the Girl Scout "Crack" Cookies.

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