Revolutionary Dermalogica Custom Skin Treatments

Almost all the skin needs can be found in the wide array of products that are offered by Jane Wurnard, a skin therapist. The unique Dermalogica products are launched in Los Angeles in 1986. She has 37 learning institutes which specializes in skin care research and gives training for the post graduate skin and body therapy.

Dermalogica products are a revolution in the skin care system. They manufacture different products for different types of skin like products for all skin-types, dry or prematurely aging skin, excessively oily skin, sensitive skin, pigmented or unevenly toned skin suffering from hyper pigmentation, skin prone to breakouts or acne. Dermalogica exfoliating body scrub helps in removing all the dead skin cells and helps in removing the dry and dull look. It should be used throughout the year.

Dermalogica customized skin treatments are given by trained therapists and it starts with face mapping to identify the type or condition of the skin they have and how to manage it. They treat each part of their face accordingly by using dermalogica professional beauty products. Dermalogica customized treatment includes non-surgical face lift and anti-ageing treatment to get a smooth, firm, wrinkleless skin.

Dermalogica Skin Treatments includes treatment for soothing hand, arm massage, relaxing foot, leg massage or scalp massage for reliving stress, stress release body massage over the whole back, shoulder, neck, and scalp with dermalogica stress relief body oil. Dermalogica custom treatment includes pedicure, manicure, waxing of any part of the body by using dermalogica products. Dermalogica believes that the source of all skin problems is oil, alcohol and fragrances. Hence, they don’t use them in their products. They usually use lightweight, natural vegetable oils and natural ingredients to determine the final appearance of its products.

Dermalogica custom facial is truly revolutionary in the field of dermatology. Cleansing, extractions, exfoliation, facial, custom face mask, moisture cream, arm massage and neck treatment are included in a Dermalogica custom facial treatment. This treatment gives glow to the skin and complexion of the face is improved. Dermalogica products give full skin protection to their clients and there is no side effect like redness or itchiness in the skin after the treatment.

Dermalogica skin care products can be purchased from any beauty salons or clinics. They are also available online and cosmetics are delivered home without any shipping charges. You can choose from a wide range of skincare Dermalogica products such as cleansers, eye treatments, toners, moisturizers, facial masques, sun protection cream, scrubs, body creams and washes and many more. This has made it possible to maintain a healthy beautiful skin within everyone's reach.

Dermalogica is the only company which gives free sample to the customers according to their need. If the products are up to their satisfaction, they take the money back by returning the product. They never promote their products but the customers popularize dermalogica products because they are unique and suit any type of skin.

Hence, men and women of all ages can use dermalogica skin care products and there is no skin product in the world to give a pampering treatment for skin!

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