Free Gifts!!!

Due to the huge amount of customers i have had this weekend ive had to change the free gifts today as i have run out of some items. I thought i had plenty to last me to the end of the month but its not to be!! Ive been up since 4.45am so that i can complete my posting and get them all sent today.. Not that im complaining!!

                                                  Anyway the free gifts are as follows
Orders £10+ free playboy on the prowl eyeshadow tester.
Orders £20+ free playboy girls night out eyeshadow tester & above.
Orders £30+ free playboy velvet balm shell tester & 1 of each from above.
Orders £40+ free fake bake lipgloss sparkle babe & one of each from above.
Orders £50+ one of each from above and a £5 voucher to use on your next order.
Orders £100+ one of each of the cosmetics from above and £10 voucher to use on your next order.

Thanks so much for keeping me so very busy, dont forget to enter the draw below if you haven't already..
Hope you had a great weekend

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