Review : Lipice Water Colour Lip Moisturizer

A while ago I received Mentholatum Lipice Water Colour Lip Moisturizer for review purposes in this blog and was so in love with it and been using it ever since.. until I forgot to blog about it (joking) ! What I like about this is that not only it gives my lip pretty color but it feels so natural, moist and soft on my lip !

This new Lipice Water Colour Lip Moisturizer is a 2-in-1 lip color cum lip moisturizer and is advocating women to "Think Pink" because pink on the lips resembles a picture of healthy and soft pink pout lip!

The ingredients

Lipice Water Colour Lip Moisturizer comes with four gorgeous new shades of soft pink.

From left to right: Vintage Pink, Fantasy Pink, Kissy Pink and Sexy Pink

These new shades should complements the lip's natural colour to give us a healthy luscious pink lips. This 2-in-1 lip color cum lip moisturizer comes with new formula, which includes Super Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramide & Maxilip.

Swatch for all colours on my hands

Lipice Water Colour Lip Moisturizer
From here, I could see that Vintage Pink & Sexy Pink is more towards pink colour while Fantasy Pink and Kissy Pink is more towards coral colour.

The colour is sheer with 1 swipe and the colour builds up as it swipe it 2-3 times. It is smooth when i swipe it on my lips and the lip moisturizer indeed live up to the name, because its really help to moist up my dry lips and keep it hydrated!

Scroll down to see the pictures of my lips with all the lip moisturizer colour with some descriptions.

- This is very sheer pink and look most natural on nude lip.

- From the lipstick tube, it seems to have fine gold dust on it which will gives shimmering effect. And it did shows a little bit of shimmering effect when I applied on my lip. This colour is more like pink + coral

- From the lipstick tube, this one look like hot chilly red but it is not that red when it applied on my lip. Instead it looks more like red + coral

- Colour turn out almost exactly like what I see from the tube, very pinkish.

The above picture I paired my heavy eyes makeup with Vintage Pink that are gives my lips a nude pinkish effect.

All the above Lipice Water Colour Lip Moisturizer colours are very lovely and most importantly it gives good moisture to my lips, without me needing to carry and apply 2 layers (lipstick + lip balm). The packaging is simple in tube and light, easy to slip into my handbag pocket to tag along and I just need one lip product that can give me colour and moisturise to my lips at the same time.

Lipice is one of the brands that I used to use during my teenage years and stop using it after a while and now I think I felt in love with this range and I can't seem to find any disadvantages with the product, especially when it's so affordable to own one if not a few that gives pretty pink plump lippies!

Lipice Water Colour Lip Moisturizer is available at all leading pharmacies and hypermarkets nationwide at only RM14.90

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