Fife & Drum Muster {Wordless Wednesday 6/22}

Actually, this is the parade before the Fife and Drum Muster. We missed the "Muster" part due to a lovely tantrum that was MUCH louder than the fifes, drums, muskets, and cannons. I'm instituting the "If you flip out and have a tantrum because you must hold my hand across the street, we're going home - N.O.W." method of parenting right now. Not a lot of fun since Little Guy is working on the "I'm a Big Boy and can do everything all by myself and I don't need to hold your hand ever again and, by the way, you can go home if you'd like because I can take care of myself" method of toddlerhood. The two methods just don't go together...

"Yeah, I'm here. I'm not going to have fun, but you can't say I didn't participate in this family activity. When is this thing over, anyway?"

Waiting for the "marching men."

Of course, no parade is complete until the police car rolls by!

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