Rhoto, Rhoto, Rhoto! Here's Why I Love Rhoto

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A few weeks ago, my eyes blinked uncontrollably. It happens whenever I use the computer too much. Normally, I would eat about 4 bananas in 2-3 days and the blinking would go away. This time around, we ran out of bananas and I thought of V. Rhoto. It's an awesome Japanese brand that makes eye drops with cooling  sensation. I used it before when I was studying for the college entrance exam. I went out with blinking eyes and all to buy a bottle.

Here's how it looks in the Asian market. The North American version is different.
After about 15 years, the bottle still looks the same.
Ingredient list
 However, my point is not about how awesome Rhoto works as an eye drop solution. You see, I had a zit near my right eye that refused to go away despite me spacking on T3 Mycin gel on it. I almost drowned the thing in this antibiotic solution. For days, the stubborn zit refused to shrink. When I watered my eyes with Rhoto, some of the eye drops spilled over to the zit. Guess what happened the next morning?

The bugger shrank!

Not only did it shrink, it was about 50% smaller, too! I was so happy that I placed a drop of V. Rhoto directly on the zit. It got even smaller later! I got happier!

Which reminds me of a tip makeup artists use to shrink flaming red zits: they use redness relieving eye drops on them. I tried it with Visine and some other eye drop brands but none of them worked as spectacularly as V. Rhoto.

And children, that's why I love Rhoto so much!

While we are talking about eyes, I've been tweeting about my eyes for a while now. You see, I have epiblepharon since I was born. It is an eye condition where the eyelashes turn inward and rub onto the cornea. In my case, the lower lashes really bothered me, especially the one on the left eye. About a week ago, my surgeon's schedule freed up and I went to the hospital to fix this problem.

The surgery went really well and my stitches were removed earlier this morning. But for about half a week, my eyes were swollen. A picture of my eyes with the stitches after the jump. (Warning: it's quite graphic! If you're faint hearted, please don't look.)

I took this picture yesterday. Swelling was minimal
For years, I woke up with red eyes. I teared up very easily and the more I rubbed, the redder my eyes became. I always felt like there was sand in my eyes. The surgeon told me as time progresses, I will have no scars. I am glad to proceed with the surgery. Epiblepharon leads to scratched cornea, which is bad for the eyesight in the long run.

I was very afraid during the whole surgery since my eyes were open and I could see the scalpel moving back and forth. However, I did not feel any pain since the surgeon injected a numbing agent around the lower lash line (it was painful!) Also, I saw the needle and thread twirling around when she sewed the incisions. And kids, that's why I don't do any plastic surgeries on my eyes. It is scary! One corrective surgery is enough for me already.

Two related results from this surgery, though: (1) my eyes are bigger, and (2) they are even. My eyes used to look like this O_o. Now, they are even, although the right one may look a hair smaller if you look closely. But still, I am banned from a list of food for another 2 weeks since the surgeon is afraid I may have protruded scars.

That's all for today, folks! If you want to try Rhoto, I saw it in the eye drop section at Target. It costs around $4-5 a bottle there. It's a really good redness relieving eye drop, too.

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