CLOSED - Here's Your Chance to Get Your Beauty Questions Answered by an Expert!

Ladies, I have a special post for you today. I've been recently contacted by Aleya from Hair Design Institute and she very kindly offered me to have their instructors answer some of my audience's questions!

Hair Design Institute is affiliated with Long Island beauty School and students can learn about cosmetology, hair styling, nails and waxing. They have schools in New York (Long Island, Brooklyn and NYC) as well as Florida (West Palm Beach and Orlando). Their instructors will be happy to to answer any of your questions in relations to hair and beauty!

Please don't be shy, and leave all of your questions in a comment, or if you prefer, you can email me directly at You can also leave your questions on my Facebook page or my Twitter. The experts over at Hair Design Institute are looking forward to read them and answer them. I'll update you with the answers in an upcoming post. Thanks girls! (:

Stay tuned for the answer to your question in an upcoming post!

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