Review : Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto Mascara

This is the latest mascara from Maybelline where it promises to make your lashes as sexy as your legs when wearing your favorite pair of stilettos.

It claims that with just 1 coat it covers 360 degrees of each lash ensuring longer, sleeker, sharper, shapelier and unquestionably seductive lashes.

This Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto combines their exclusive Stretch and Set brush to a unique formula enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5 and silk protein which deliver staggering length and outstanding shine. It promises that each lash will be lengthened by 71%.

From the picture, the brush is thin and long. This mascara comes coated with light black fiber that wraps around the brush.

Front view

My Review

Packaging : I like the long sleek packaging in black and red , comes very handy.

Result : I curled my eyelashes first before applying the mascara using the zigzag method . It was easy to apply as the mascara fiber is very fine and formula is not too dry or wet.

It definitely makes my lashes look longer & separated. I like this mascara's fibers because it does not make my lashes look longer without feeling/looking heavy because the fiber is light. And because of that my eyes are comfortable & no extra noticeable weight of the fiber can be felt on my eyes. More importantly this fiber mascara does not flake and stay put throughout the day and fiber does not get into my eyes.

The only downside is that it provides no volume at all to my eyelashes. But as stated in the above introduction, this is a mascara for people who want their lashes to look longer.

Removal of this mascara is easy with my favourite Kose Sofymo White Cleansing Oil or Biore Cleansing Oil-in-Cotton .

Side view

From the picture, you can see how much length (at least 50% longer) was added to my lashes. Yet my lashes feel light and look naturally curled up. Here I applied a total of 2-3 coat of mascara on my eyelashes.

My whole look

I like how noticeably my eyelashes look longer here and now this mascara is one of my favourite! And this Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto Mascara is definitely a must mascara for Asian eyes where we have short & thick eyelashes !

Pros : Provide at least 50% extra length to lashes, fiber are fine and ultra-light, mascara does not flakes nor clump and fiber don't get into eyes, smudge and waterproof, mascara is easy to be removed with makeup removal, price is reasonable.

Cons : None (except it don't provide volume to your lashes)

Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto Mascara is now available at all major retailers and pharmacies priced at RM32.90 starting June 2011

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