Instant Home Remedies For Treating Burning Urine Problems.

Drink atleast 8 glasses of water everyday.

Consumption of cucumber juice twice a day also reduces burning urine problems.

Mix isabgul in 2 teaspoons water and sugar and drink this mixture.

Drink raddish juice every morning.

Grind drumstick leaves with jaggery. Take it eveyday to cure burning urine problems.

Condiment of onion mixed in curd also reduces burning.

Carrot juice can also be consumed daily to get relief from bruning urine problems.

Drink lemon juice mixed in lukewarm water every morning.

Daily intake of watermelon juice mixed with sugar cures burning during urination.

Spiegel seeds are also helpful in relieving the burning sensation.

Drinking Honey with water also cures burning urine problems.

Cardamon powder taken with Milk helps to cure burning urine problems.

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