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Modern Parents Messy Kids

Whenever I want a craft project that is different, I head to Modern Parents Messy Kids. There are a ton of great ideas for interesting projects that can often be used as toys, too. It's as if they have searched the internet for the most interesting projects available and compiled them onto one easy list - complete with wonderful photos that show you exactly what you'll be making!


Most of you know of Gummy Lump as the store where you can buy lots of cool toys. Well, there is also a blog that goes beyond toys! This year, Linda, of Gummy Lump, has taken it upon herself to post 300 Crafts for Kids in 2011. These are very easy crafts that are designed for toddlers, preschoolers, and children with special needs. In addition to each tutorial, she has added some ideas that can make the project easier for children who don't have the ability to follow the original instructions, and variations that make it more challenging for older kids. This is a great site for finding the perfect project for the entire family!

Classified: Mom

Classified: Mom

Aimee has a great Arts and Crafts page on her blog that allows you to choose the right kind of project. There are tabs that offer choices between Themes by Month,  ABC's & 123's, Crafts with Art History Lessons included... Just tons of fun stuff! Stop here if you're looking for a themed craft - any themed craft!

The Frugal Girls

Frugal Girls!
 I LOVE The Frugal Girls! They have every possible craft you can imagine listed here. You know all of those things you see on Etsy and wonder if you could make them yourself? Yes, you can! If you can think it, you can find instructions here. AND, if for some reason you can't, every Thursday, they host a Chic & Crafty Likny. Anyone with a post about crafting or a recipe can link up. I have found a ton of fun ideas at this party linky. Go check the Thursday Chic & Crafty Weekly Link-Up Party here. (The button is in my sidebar----->)


The Crafty Nest

The Crafty Nest

This is more for the adults or older kids, although you may be able to get your little ones involved if they can follow directions carefully. Ever wanted to make a felt wreath or a hedgehog moss terrarium? This is the place! The tutorials are so easy to follow, too. You won't be standing there with a dripping glue gum, wondering just how you're supposed to connect part A to part B without getting strings of hot, globby glue all over your hands!

Frugal Family Fun 


OK, so you have no money and cannot possibly afford to even buy a box of crayons, right? This is the place! Learn how to make your little train enthusiast his or her very own cardboard train to "drive". Make plain, old coloring on the sidewalk with chalk an extra-fun experience with some stencils! And, with Father's Day coming up, you can find all kinds of fun projects that dad really will appreciate and use - and that your kids made by themselves! No more painted-rock paper weights!

Pink and Green Mama


This is the most recent blog I've found and I LOVE IT! Here's a quote that had me hooked immediately:
"I try really hard to let them go with it and create them.
I think it's an important part of imaginative play
and tell myself that 
the mess is temporary!"

YES, YES, YES!!! The mess IS temporary, but those memories and learning experiences will stay with your child forever. Kids wash off (eventually) and it is possible to protect furniture and carpets from the worst spills.

I really don't know where to start when describing this blog. There are art projects, fun activities that help your children use their creativity, fun recipes for making paints, dough, papier mache... It's just full of EVERYTHING you could possibly dream of making!

There are tons of other blogs out there that have some great projects. If you have one or know of one, please link up below! The more resources we have, the more fun we can have!!!

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