Rimmel London Glam'Eyes Day 2 Night Mascara: Nice Concept but...

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Once upon a time in a cold land far, far away, I discovered a brand called Rimmel London. In order for me to get some of their makeup, I had to drive to a big Walmart near Anne Arundel mall. The other stores did not carry it. I got a kohl eyeliner, a mascara, and some doo-dads. And I was disappointed. While tooted as London's #1 makeup brand, the products at that time was not that good. The eyeliner and mascara smudged. The other stuff failed to impress me.

But that was a long time ago. Last year, Rimmel London did a major revamp and I fell in love again. In fact, I believe this brand produces some really neat and high-quality products with budget prices. Their Glam'Eyes mono eyeshadows are extremely silky and pigmented. Also, I love, love, love their lipsticks.

Like many ladies with stubby and sparse lashes out there, I want them all: I want the length, I want the curl, and I want the volume. Sadly, most mascaras out there only manage to perform one or two of the criteria. This leads me to using multiple mascaras at the same time. Usually, I would couple a volumizing mascara with a lengthening one. But my wallet screams.

When I saw this Glam'Eyes Day 2 Night mascara, I had to buy it. The kind folks at Rimmel answered to my prayer and released a mascara that has a length brush and a volume brush. Wow!

I was so giddy to take this mascara to the register, slap it down with a coupon and asked how much. It was about $6 or $7 with the coupon, which is not so bad. Besides, the mascara is black and pink and adorable.

Glam'Eyes Day 2 Night Defined Length/Intese Volume Mascara in Black
I came home, took some pictures, and applied the mascara on my eyes (more about this later.) I waited for it to knock my socks off. Well, I waited and waited and waited...

While I was waiting, I took some pictures to show you guys.

Here's the mascara on its own. Notice the caps. The pink one is for length and the black one is for volume.
Close-up at the caps.
75% more length and 12 times more volume? Wow!
However, I wonder where they got the number and what kind of experiments they did to produce them. Yes, the geek in me had to speak out.
Top cap for length, bottom cap for thickness.
This is the equivalence of an abstract on the mascara. Can't get shorter and sweeter than this.
Wanna know what happened next when I opened the mascara? Jump!

This is how the length brush looks.
The wand is thinner. I mean, stick thin. I was afraid to press it too hard and the whole thing would snap in half.
This is how the volume brush looks.
The wand is thicker and attracts more materials. I had to blot it off.
Being a curious person, I wanted to know how they could fit 2 brushes inside a tube of mascara. So, I took the length brush out and removed the cap volume brush after that. And ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this is what happened:
Say what? There's only one wand?
Y'see, the people at Rimmel are clever. And they took physics seriously. The Volume Brush is actually a tube with a wider radius so the plastic brush can go through. Once the length brush is inside the volume brush, it creates a new wand with more thickness. And guess what? More thickness = more force. The brush is no longer flimsy. Also, the plastic piece of the volume brush acts as a separator that takes away excess mascara. Therefore, the length brush has less product, which helps separate the lashes better.

To even further my geekiness, I did an experiment: 1 coat of length followed by one coat of volume on one eye. Reverse the process on another. I did not even remember which treatment on what side.

Disclaimer: my right eye (the one you see on the left) has more eyelashes. Also, the lashes are longer.

Can you tell the difference? Honestly, I can't. The right eye (your left) may look like it has more longer lashes but the truth is, the right eye has more lashes. The length is about the same on the lashes in both eyes. I applied another volume coat and the lashes began to stick together.

Needless to say, my socks were still on.

While I was disappointed that I still need to buy 2 mascaras to satisfy my need, I have to admit this mascara ain't that bad. One, it creates some subtle length and volume. Two, it may flake but does not smudge. And three, it feels gentle on my eyes. I believe Rimmel London is one of the few brands that actually tweaks the mascara formula instead of putting the same old, same old juice in the tube and use a different wand.

The list of ingredient
Will I buy this mascara again? Maybe not. It's fancy but it does not give me what I want (length, volume, and curl.) However, if my memory serves me right, MAC did something similar in a limited edition some months before that. And that one was really limited. Poof, and it's gone. The Glam'Eyes Day2Night is not. At least for now.

Disclaimer: I bought this product.
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