It's Harder to Be Vain with Sensitive Skin

Hi everyone,

I was having a bitchfest melt down heart to heart tweeting session earlier today.

Belly: Oh, no! You di-dn't! I'm playing "Angry Birds." Stop disrupting me with your ranting tweets!
Ok, Belly! Go back to playing your game.

You see, I got careless. A few months ago when zits still occupied on my face, I did not dare to touch a non-mineral foundation. I would be dead to the skin. Zip, bam, boom! Gone! Zits, zits, and more zits if I used it. But now, things changed. My skin has become smoother to the point of zit free. I am so proud of it.

And that's when I got cocky.

Two nights ago, I played with my makeup stash and suddenly, a "bright" idea came to my head. "Yesh! I'm gonna use this liquid foundation on my face and see how it looks."

I gleefully opened the jar of foundation, used a dual-fiber brush to stiple it on my face, and contour, contour, contour. The foundation was good: not only did it cover my dark spots, it also concealed the dark circles. My actually looked quite amazing afterward. I was happy with the result but since it was time to go to bed, I removed everything off my face.

Yesterday, I woke up wondering why I had these tiny bumps from my forehead down to my chin. I washed my face again and applied coconut oil, which soothed my skin tremendously. Today, I studied my skin again and realized they are not acne bumps. It took me a while to add things together and I realized the culprit was the liquid foundation I used!

Needless to say, I was more than upset. It took me months of diligent skincare and drinking herbal medicine to get me to a clear skin state. But a few minutes of having liquid foundation almost destroyed it. I'm thankful that I didn't wear the whole face out. My skin could have been even more tragic state than this.

The morale of the story: know your skin. If it's sensitive, only stick with what benefits it.

I do admit that I miss liquid foundation. Mineral foundation is fun but sadly, it does not last as long as liquid or cream. If you have oily skin like me, any mineral foundation that lasts more than 4 hours is a miracle. Right now, I'm using a turmeric cream to remediate my skin. I'm surprised that my skin loves products with turmeric. A big part of it being clear is from the turmeric cream and face wash.

That's all for now, folks! I hope you'll have a nice weekend.

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