Twist and Roll with Lindo Twist-n-Roll Tweezers

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Recently, I received a hair removal product from Facial Work called Lindo Twist-n-Roll tweezers to try. At first, I had some apprehension: the whole product looks like a long roll of coil and so far, all the facial removal methods I've tried hurt. However, when I did a lip swatch, I saw some dark hair around my lips. Not sexy! And where did they come from? So I opened the package and gave the coil a roll. Guess what? It works!

Lindo Twist-n-Roll tweezers ($17.99, current promotion: $14.99)

As I mentioned earlier, this product is a long bendable coil with two caps at the end.
You bend it like this with each hand on each handle and place it as close to your skin as possible
(I used one hand so I can take picture with another one.)
Instruction from the back
The first time I use it to de-fur my 'stach, the level of hurt was the same as being bitten by an ant. Now, I tried to remove my facial hair by tweezing and waxing before. I cried with each method. However, when I used the Twist-n-Roll, the level of discomfort was not as painful. I didn't cry at all (yay!)

The sub-sequential times I used it, my skin was damp and I placed the tweezer as close to my skin as possible. The pain was the same as racking my nail through my forearm, which is quite painless. The whole depilatory action was also fast: I move the tweezer up for about three times and the area is fuzz-free. It also works on tiny hairs on your eyelids, you know, the ones you can't seem to tweeze out. However, I won't use it to maintain my eyebrows, though. It is not such a meticulous tool as the real tweezer to remove a single hair at a time.

This Twist-n-Roll tweezers is very easy to clean as well: after using, you simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth and let it air dry. There's no blades to sharpen as well as no sharp parts. Since I have never tried threading before, I can't compare. However, the manufacturer touted it as an at-home hair threading method for facial hair.

At $15 dollars ($18 undiscount), I trust this product on the most sensitive area on my face. Not only it is the most painless depilatory product I've tried, it also does not take as much space and maintenance is easy. Also, the current promotions on their website are quite nice.

Disclaimer: the product was provided for PR purposes. The opinions, however, are my own.

So, dear readers, what do you think? What facial depilatory methods have you tried and how do they work? Tell all, tell all, ok?

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