NOTD : Lunasol Natural Beige

How often I go Beige, almost never because I never look good in beige eyeshadow or beige clothing which explains that I did not get the latest Lunasol Christmas Holiday 2010 collection...although it was so damn worth... and I'm love with the pouch instead..!!!

So a while ago whem I got this Lunasol Natural Beige nail polish from an online contest I wasn't too keen to try. But this is Lunasol... so I gotta try this out!! Turned out the color actually look quite good on my nail. Very clean look!

My comment : The nail polish is quite quick drying compare to some of my nail polish. However I do need to apply 3 layers of nail polish here because the coverage is a bit sheer.

Lunasol Nail finish - RM52/each

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