Belly at Large: Mad as Hell!

Hello humans,

If you open a dictionary and attempt to look for the definition of "mad as hell", you'll probably see this face:

No, I'm not furious. Not even "2 Fast, 2 Furious." I'm livid. I'm mad as hell at the mamarazzi.

What did she do, you may ask. Well, dear human readers, she didn't do anything! No more tummy rubs, no more playing with Belly, no more telling Belly how cute he is. None of the above. And you want to know why?

It's the evil NaNoWriMo! It sucks the life out of her. She either looks crazy while writing or looks crazy thinking about writing. Seriously, that woman has problem. She needs to get a life and she can start by not feeding me red meat chicken and rubbing my tummy.

And guess what? I have an unexpected ally: even BB the blond bear gives her stank eyes

LOL, that's one mean stank eyed look, BB! I have to say I taught you well!
Now, he goes for the evil look. Good job, boy!
So there you go, me and blondie here don't like NaNoWriMo. We are neglected and we have feelings, too! Now, I would prefer her to be overbearing than ignoring me. I can't wait for November to be over. Can't take this kind of lack of interest any longer!

Need my white chicken! (Although tuna would be a much better option.)

Love, peace, and tuna fish (or chicken breasts),
Mr. Belly

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