Totally Inappropriate Greeting Cards!

I recently won a package of holiday cards from a giveaway on Mommy's Free Time. This past week, I received the cards from Totally Inappropriate Greeting Cards. I must say that these are perfect for us! My husband, upon hearing that I won the cards, immediately began making a list of who we would send them to this year.

The cards are not for everyone! They do contain bad language, so you must really think about who you send them to. I think my favorite part about these cards is the, unless you read them, they look just like any old Christmas card. And, at $12.00 for 8 cards, the price is right. Where else are you going to find funny cards like this?

Here is my favorite (WARNING: here comes some of that language!)

You can find Totally Inappropriate Greeting Cards on Etsy, Twitter, and Facebook.

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