Review : Empro Day & Night Mascara and other products

Early this month I reviewed about Empro Triangular Eyebrow Auto Pencil and Empro HD Slim Cut Dual Lead Brow Auto Pencil and now I will be reviewing their mascara, eyelashes curler and makeup remover.

This is Empro Day & Night Mascara is made in Korea

Direction from box

Ingredients (click to enlarge if you wish to find out)

This is 2 in one product, day and night mascara.

According to Empro's website, this is extra Volume, extra Length, Vivid, Curlier Curls, Easy to remove, Water resistant, Clump-free, Smudge-free.

Blending natural herbal ingredients with an advanced antioxidant formula, and enriched with vitamin E, the Empro mascara nourishes your eyelashes as it creates a more beautiful you. Its velvety texture feels silky soft on even the most sensitive skin around the eyes.

This Day Mascara which suppose to help Lengthen + extra curl

I applied 2 layer of mascara on my eyes using zigzag method after curling my eyelashes with Doll Lash Curler.

My review : I can see oblivious result of separating my lashes and lengthening as the mascara consists very fine fiber. And its not too much and therefore even after applying the mascara my eye still looks very natural. And the fibers stay on my eyes pretty well too!

Indeed the mascara has the very good curling effect as my lashes look so much curl after using it.

This is the night mascara, the comb is slightly bigger and more volume compare to the Day mascara

Volume + extra curl
Night Use - Creates extra volume to give you plush, curly eyelashes for a charming, vivid and alluring effect on your eyes, whatever the occasion.

My review : It does provide a little more volume however I do not think it has much curling effect like the Day Mascara.

Can see that the eyelashes have more volume but not curled

Here are the comparison picture.

My say : This Empro Day & Night Mascara as overall is a pretty good product, and I would suggest one to apply 2 different mascara (day and night) one after another, to have all the 3 effects ... which is voluming, lengthening and curling eyelashes.. And definitely a good product to put in handbag as I could quickly choose and apply whichever mascara to suit my look without bringing another additional mascara. The mascara itself stay on pretty well and is smudge/water proof free and easily removed with makeup remover.

This Empro Day & Night Mascara is selling at RM58.80 for 10ml , would say a pretty decent price for 2 in 1 product!

Doll Lash Eyelash curler is another brand that are carried by Empro as well which is from Korea.

Surprisingly the eyelashes fit perfectly on my eyes (i.e did not clip the meat around my eyes). The curler curl up my lashes quite well too !

And this eyelashes curler price at only RM 19.80 only

The Doll Lash Scissor is stainless steeel... pretty handy and sharp , done a job of what a scissor should do !

Price at RM 12.80

Empro's Perfect Eye & Lip Makeup Remover- RM39.80 for 5.1 fl oz

From Empro's website

This non-greasy and lightweight makeup remover contains Vitamin E, an excellent antioxidant and has anti-aging properties. This makeup remover also contains Hyaluronic Acid that hydrates and soothes as it cleanses, leaving skin firm and silky smooth.

My review : The makeup remover is gentle (comes with Vit E....too) as it does not irritate or sting my eyes when I used it. It removes Empro's cosmetic from my eyes quite well. And what I like this remover the most is I like about this makeup remover is pump out bottle where I just press lightly on top of remover and get sufficient remover to remove makeup (so no wasted from spill or over pour out). However the down side is it does not remove properly some of my very waterproof mascara (like Max Factor)

For more information , visit Empro website at

All the above products are available for purchase in Empro counters and SaSa

p/s:All the above products are provided by Empro for review purposes in this blog. Thank you Empro & Anna for asking me to join along to review the products.

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