Does L'Oreal HiP Precious Look Familiar?

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I haven't done a lot of posts about eyeshadow dupes lately. However, recently, I did an impromptu swatch of L'Oreal HiP Precious eyeshadow duo and I realized it looks familiar to another eyeshadow duo from MAC that I can't wear. But we're going to talk about it later. First, let me introduce you to Precious:

L'Oreal HiP eyeshadow duo in Precious ($5-7 USD)
The thing is, I don't need this eyeshadow duo. I have too many neutral eye shadows already. However, during the last wave of award season, the movie "Precious" was highly praised. This led me to making a purchase of this eyeshadow duo when it was on sale at CVS for five dollars.

Close-up of Precious
L'Oreal has been putting a huge effort to diversify the HiP line. Precious is one of a few crystal eyeshadow duos available. Raking from matte to crystal, the later one has the most bling for your buck. In fact, the texture reminds me of MAC Solar Bits: it is chunky and fall outs are huge. I'm glad I purchased Precious instead of the darker colors. At least the fall outs look like highlights on my cheeks.

Now, this is the part where I introduce you to the dupe: MAC Engaging Mineralize eyeshadow duo

(L-R): MAC Engaging mineralize eyeshadow duo, L'Oreal HiP Precious eyeshadwo duo
Wanna know how they fare up to each other? Jump!

For those who have been reading my blog for a long time, no, this is not my way of punishing myself. As much as I love the innovative colors and texture of MAC mineralize eyeshadows as well as mineralize everything, I can't use them since they contain bismuth oxychloride, my skin's arch-enemy. I received Engaging as a gift and the local MAC stand refused to let me exchange it so I'm stuck with it :(

Although in the box, Engaging looks more prominent, it actually weighs less (2.2g compared to 2.4g)
Engaging comes in one piece while Precious has two separate parts. Also, Engaging has more veins in the mix.
The comparison
(L-R): L'Oreal HiP Precious and MAC Engaging
While L'Oreal HiP Precious is a good dupe of MAC Engaging, it is not a perfect dupe like the lighter color of L'Oreal HiP Showy and MAC Parrot. The lighter color of Precious is probably similar to MAC Vanilla pigment with more of a yellow undertone. The lighter color of MAC Engaging is more peachy. Also, the darker color of Engaging is more bronzy and a bit darker. However, I believe the darker colors are more similar than the lighter ones.

At $5-$7, Precious is a good dupe of Engaging without the annoying tingling sensation caused by bismuth oxychloride. It is also about 10 dollars cheaper, which is a bonus. I find the texture to be similar to each other, meaning both have crazy fall outs. Precious seems to create a flakier and more gilded look than Engaging. Sometimes, I even forget it is an eyeshadow duo as the texture feels more like that of pigments.

So, what do you think about Precious? Have you tried it or any of the L'Oreal HiP crystal eyeshadow duos? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.


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