Prepare Your Skin For This Winter By Some Home Remedies And Following Some Simple Skin Care Methods.

Winter is a season where in our skin needs a lot of care and attention. If we avoid taking care of our skin during winter, our skin will become prone to wrinkles, ageing and a lot of skin damage. Cold winds irritate and chap the surface vessels of the skin and the natural production of oils slow down. Following are the specific ways to care for your skin in winter:

Give up all drying agents like astringents and soaps. Instead use a  moisterizer if your skin is oily and gets dry in winter.

Those with dry skin should make it a habit to cream face and hands before going to bed. As dry skin is prone to wrinkles so it acts as an anti ageing formula.

In winter your skin loses water and essential oils. You can replenish them by adding a few drops of oil to water while bathing. It will nourish the skin and is a very good home remedy.

Don't bath before going out or immediately upon returning. Any sudden temperature changes will disturb the moisture balance of your skin.

It is always best and recommended to wash face with warm water.

For lips use vaseline or cream before applying lipstick. It will heal the chapped lips by providing sufficient moisture to the skin.

For hairs, use gentle shampoo and conditioner. It is always best to use herbal products as chemicals damage the hairs.

Take hot oil treatment once a week. Rub hot oil and massage gently on the scalp. Steam with hot towel as it will let the scalp to absorb oil.

Cleanse face with milk cream, few drops of lime and a pinch of turmeric every morning.

For those with very flaky skin, every night before going to bed take 1 tsp of milk cream and add few drops of glycerine and rose water. Apply on face, neck and hands. Leave overnight and in the morning wipe it out with a tissue. Then rinse the face with warm water.

Try out these tips and you will feel your skin to be more soft and young than before.

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