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Last week I attended Etude House The Secret of Golden Ratio Product Presentation with members of the media and blogger friends.. What you think of when you heard the word golden ratio ?? I was a bit lost until I attended the presentation.

Mr Kim from Etude House Korea said the only person today who has the perfect golden ratio of face is only Audrey Hepburn.

What is the human perfect golden ratio ?? According to Mr Kim

Two quantities a and b are said to be in the golden ratio φ if:

 \frac{a+b}{a} = \frac{a}{b} = \varphi\,. = 1.618

Sounds so mathematical confusing right ? Haha I also fail my Math one..

Etude House took the concept of ideal proportion to enhance woman natural feature. And the secret of Etude House in achieving golden ratio look is contouring your makeup which is about highlighting, shading and golden earth tone colors. However woman today always leave out this step as it is difficult and time consuming. He also said that Etude House is not promoting ideal makeup but to enhance our makeup.

Etude House now introduced Golden Ratio range that bring you the hottest golden ratio beauty make-up look that set to dominate the next Fall/Winter trend with the simplest way.

Etude House golden ratio makeup steps:
1) Create depth to the eye contour with vivid natural earth tone of eyeshadow blended on your eyelids
2) Fill up your lashes with full lash coverage to create three-dimensional effect
3) Then patting a sheer cream blusher onto your cheek to highlight the glam point of your face contour
4) Finish with a nude lipstick.

Before Korean woman start to put on makeup, they are known to has a long list for skincare products to put on their face everyday. And Mr Kim said that makeup itself is made up off dry powder therefore it is important to keep our skin moisturize. Therefore Etude House has introduced 2 skincare line which targets for two different skin concern that will prepare the skin before makeup.

Collagen moistfull range that supplies moisture and collagen to repair damaged collagen structure and tighten complexion. This Moisture + Tightening care line alleviates dry skin and strengthens derma structure with Baobab Tree extract and Marine Collagen.

Etude House Moistfull Collage Range Price
Moistfull Collagen Smoothing Ampule Primer - RM 59.90
Moistfull Collagen Essential Massage - RM 49.90
Moistfull Collagen First Essence - RM 71.90

While Pure joy Skin Care Series is a revolutionary skin care technology specially design for dry and sensitive skin with powerful blend of Quinoa, Calendula, Chamomile, Purslane, and Phyto-Oligosaccharide, each work in pair perfectly to instantly hydrates skin and optimize skin natural defenses, leaving the skin no option but with exceptional touchable baby-soft skin like never before!
Pure Joy Skin Care Price
Pure Joy Calming Toner - RM42.90
Pure Joy Nourishing Lotion - RM 42.90
Pure Joy Restorative Cream - RM 49.90

Etude House Golden Ratio Face Glam create sculpted contour make-up base with the perfect combination of dual liquid and cream highlighters: Cream brighter ideally use as eye base to elongate your dark theatrical eye contour, starting from the outer corners blending inwards. It is cream base texture catches the loose colored shadow that may fall and smudge your foundation, creating an absolutely vivid and luminous effect in all day lasting.

Mr Kim suggested to use the cream highlighter to highlight cheekbones, chin and t-zones area and put on liquid highlighter to your T & C zones, cheekbones and eyes for luster and subtle pearl expression.

Etude House Golden Ratio Contour Maker is the star product which enables highlighting and shading (i.e contouring job) very easy and fast.

Etude House Golden Ratio Contour Maker unveils a lustrous and translucent complexion with 3 ultimate functions of highlighter + Blusher+ Shading. Formulated with Sebum Control Powder & Coating Pigment, it enhance the adherence of foundation with oil-absorbent powder texture, , while the translucent multi pearl highlights work as a highlighter to splurge on color for your apple cheek with its light-diffusing effect . As a result, your sculpted contour make-up looks absolutely perfectly-blended with superb, mirror-like reflection, shine and luster effect.

And most woman want to bring out the t-zone, cheekbone, chin and side of the nose, therefore must highlight these areas. And shade on headline and cheek lines to create a dimension for the face.

Joyce the makeup artist did a demo on the model.

Dark theatrical eyes are the key essential to create sculpted contour make-up speak for this season. Etude House Golden Ratio Tear Drop create depth to the eye contour with three exceptional natural earth tones of natural gold, brown and grey shade, each come with Loose Pearl Powder supplies soft touch adhesion in which to catches the loose colored shadow that may fall and smudge your foundation, thus create a solid smoky eye accentuation with its light-diffusing effect throughout the day.

Etude HouseLUCIDarling Fantastic Gradation Eyes

Step A – Base Color : Use brush or wide tip to apply base color to upper eye lines and eyelids.

Step B – Point Color : Use wide tip to apply point color to the upper eye crease.

Step C – Highlighter : Use tip to highlight along the inner eye or outer lower lash lines.

Step D – Eyeliner : Use narrow tip to trace upper and lower eye lines.

Luci-Darling Fantastic Rouge and Luci-Darling Fantastic Rouge Gloss

Nude Beige lip color compliments the Goddess Brown seasonal makeup look while Gold Beige lip color compliments the Glam Gold Khaki seasonal makeup look.

This Season Etude House latest Luci-Darling Fantastic Rouge Gloss in Gold Volume#9 supplies a glossy, voluminous lip coverage in pink/orange tone that compliments the overall Golden Ratio product range and makeup look

The complete look of model with the Etude House Golden Ratio range.

Last but not least a picture Mr Kim with bunch of bloggers!

Left to right : Christy , Ju li , Kelly, Pinky ,Wendy , Mr Kim , Me, Cia Wei and Coreen

Mr Kim so sporting and even suggested us to do cute!

Our makeup tutorial book on how to achieve the perfect golden ratio look that was provided by Etude House. Need to read all this....

Haha joking, actually it is our door gift from the event! No need to read any book but just use the Etude House Golden Ratio range to achieve the perfect golden ratio look.

Thank you Etude House for your invitation and generous door gift...

Golden Ratio range Price
Golden Ratio Face Glam - RM 49.90
Golden Ratio Contour Maker - RM 49.90
Golden Ratio Tear Drop - RM 29.90
Luci-Darling Fantastic Gradation Eyes - RM 42.90
Luci-Darling Fantastic Rouge (New)- RM 35.90
Luci-Darling Fantastic Rouge Gloss - RM 29.90.

Good news : Promotion on Golden Ratio, Pure Joy and Moistfull Collagen where purchse any 3 products and above, and get immediate get a 15% discount

For more information, visit Etude House website here and be fans in their facebook here

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