My Anti-Aging Tips Are Being Featured!

Hi everybody,

Today, I would like to share some good news with you. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog about some of my anti-aging tips (click here if you haven't read it yet.) Guess what? Two of them ended up in a feature at Total Beauty website.

The feature is called "Beauty Bloggers Reveal Their Best Anti-Aging Tips"
It is a part of their "Spotlight on Skincare" section
Here are the screen shots of the two tips I have:

Now, I have never been featured in such a widely read website before, although I've joined Total Beauty for a while now. To me, this is an honor. I don't know what may come after this but it sure feels great.

While we're still talking about skincare, this industry has changed so fast. Last year, Lancome launched Genifique and to their surprise, it was their most successful skincare launch ever! Skincare research now utilizes genome science to give us better understanding in how skin ages. So far, I've heard a lot of good things about Genifique but I have yet to try it since this skincare line has products close to the $100 price range.

However, as L'Oreal is the mother company of Lancome, soon enough, a similar skincare line from L'Oreal will be launched in American drugstores. Yes, I'm talking about the elusive Youth Code. The beauty industry has been buzzing around since the beginning of the year about this new skincare line that's also based on genetics. The people in U.K already experienced it since February-March but we, the people in the U.S, will know, see, feel, and touch it by the end of this year or the beginning of next year. However, if you go to the link above, L'Oreal will point you to websites that offer pre-sales. I have to admit, the price is not that expensive (~$20 per single product or $30 per starter set.) If I remember correctly, when Olay did their pre-sale on ProX, it was sold out within a blink of an eye. I expect Youth Code to do the same, if not better, since the price is more affordable.

How well this new Youth Code skincare line performs is still unknown to me. I would love to read more on the science behind it. According to the website, 10 years of research has spent on creating Youth Code so my expectation is high.

Again, I just want to share the good news to all of you. This year, My Makeup Blog has been doing pretty well on the skincare front and I am so happy to receive such an honor at the end of the year.


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