Mac new arrivals!!

I should be writing more in my blog i know but ive been so busy and unwell ive not really had chance, im having loads of new stuff in this week, ive got a another mac order coming monday and Im so excited as i have some fab stuff in just in time for my holls! im sure i will have to pay extra at check in because im taking that much makeup!! lol
Studio Fix Liquid Foundation
Superglass Lipglass
Cherry Electric.
Gift Wrap.
Disco Blend.
Tunel Of Love.
Sugar Overload,
Totally Bang!
Fab frenzy.
Sweet Tart.
Crush Metal Pigment Stacked 1!
Mac Blush back in stock- Style, Sweetness, Dame & Honour.
Mac Eye Kohl- Teddy, Smolder, Fascinating
New Mac eyeshadows in stock on Wednesday!!
We have been in the caravan this weekend for a Firework weekend, my sons was so excited as we have had the caravan 6 months and not used it before. We had a brill weekend im feeling a bit worse for wear!!
Anyway i just wanted to show you my hansom little man!!
Heres he is at a wedding we went to not long ago, with some of our friends, doesn't he look dashing!! he thinks he looks lame! he is going to go mad when i show him this later! how i love to wind him up! I wonder if i can get him to tidy his bedroom by threatening to put a picture on here ive got of him dressed up in my clothes with his makeup done and head bands in when he was i will try that one later...
I just have to mention Halloween i was a devil and my lad a ghost - with his white hair and his face painted mostly in mac, he looked fab! i will post a picture below of him getting ready, i wont scare you of one of me though.....

Anyway thats all for now better go as my son wants his dinner he keeps shouting up im starving!!
Thanks to all my customers you have kept me so busy over the last few weeks... thanks

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