Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Daddy's Girl: Are You Ready for This Glittery Purple Jelly?

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Today's post is exciting to me. Sinful Colors nail polishes have been the gift that's keep on giving. So far, Daddy's Girl is the second bottle I've reviewed since my last nail polish haul. It is purple, glittery, and on top of everything, Daddy's Girl is a jelly nail polish. For some strange reasons, it reminds me of Barney the dinosaur. In short, Daddy's Girl the nail polish is full of fun.

Daddy's Girl nail polish from Sinful Colors
You can see the fine glitters in the bottle as well as on my nails
In the sun, it looks like a nice medium purple.
I applied two coats and you can see the jelly texture here.

Jelly nail polishes are a lot of fun. Depending on the number of coats you apply, it can go from sheer to a lot more opaque. I applied two coats and although I can't see the color of my nail anymore, the jelly-ness is still there.

The purple shade in Daddy's Girl shifts in different lightning. At night, when I read my book, I notice the shade tends to deepen to a darker purple. The incandescent light brings out the sparks in this nail polish. To me, this nail polish looks the best at night.

In the daytime, Daddy's Girl looks a lot nicer and a lot more innocent. The sparks also look very nice under the day light but not as intense as under the yellow light. However, under bright flashes, the sparks do not show. It just looks like a regular purple nail polish.

Under the yellow light, Daddy's Girl looks more mysterious
With flash, it just looks smooth but still pretty
Like other Sinful Colors nail polishes, Daddy's Girl goes smooth and has a shiny texture. With a good base and top coat, it does not chip or have any tip wear for a week. This is truly a fun color, despite how dark it looks in the bottle. The jelly texture is also a lot of fun. If you haven't tried any jelly nail polishes, this is a nice start for you. The pictures fail to capture the beauty of this nail polish. I tried my best but it does not show the fine sparkles and color shifts under different lightning. At $1.99 a pop, Sinful Colors packs a whole lot of value and Daddy's Girl is a must for those who love purple.

Disclaimer: I bought it for my personal use.

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