Get Festive with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Polish in Red Carpet

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Since my recent acquisition of Sally Hansen Hard As Nail Xtreme Wear nail polish in Red Carpet, my spidey sense has been all tingling in anticipation of a post about it. There's no better time than this week with Thanksgiving is right at the corner. For those who are nail addicts, Red Carpet is a dupe of the famous China Glaze Ruby Slippers from the Wizard of Oz collection last year. As much as I adore Ruby Slippers, I can't imagine myself shelling out $4.50 for that nail polish. Then, I went to Target and saw Red Carpet there, all glittery in anticipation. Within a second, I know this is a good dupe. Also, the price is right and I had a coupon.

The craziest part about this nail polish is how fast it's sold out. I had to go to 3 drugstores and a Target to find out they were all gone. Finally, I bought mine at Wal-Mart and I can't stop gushing ever since. This nail polish is very festive and a definite mood booster during the cold winter months.
Sally Hansen Hard As Nail Xtreme Wear in Red Carpet
Wanna know why I love it so much? Jump!

The most wonderful thing about this nail polish is the texture. If you have never tried gelly nail polish with micro-glitters suspended in it, you are in for a real treat. This nail polish is the queen of all red nail polishes as it combines the festive red color with the gelly texture and more red micro-glitters inside. It's like your grandmama's red nail polish on steroid!

Red Carpet looks the best under the sun, of course. It sparkles like there's no tomorrow. I did the best I could to capture its beauty and so far, this is the best I got:
Look how sparkly this nail color is!
I applied two coats, btw.
The Xtreme Wear formula is very durable: I wore it for about 2 weeks with a lot of typing, cooking, and cleaning in between. Yet, I saw no chips or tip wear whatsoever. This stuff is so sturdy! The only negative thing about Red Carpet is the lack of shine, which can be fixed very easily with a shiny top coat.

Close-up at the nail polish
Another close-up
For those who love to wear red nail polishes, I highly suggest this nail polish to you. Removing it was not as painful as I thought. I saturated a cotton pad with acetone-free nail polish remover and wrap it around my nail for a minute or so. This will loosen up the glitters to make the removing process easier. Afterward, I usually condition my nails with a bit of olive oil or whatever bath oil I have nearby. That way, my nails and cuticles are not so dry.

What do you think about Red Carpet? Please let me know in the comment section, ok?


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